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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO more than 700 million water to drift the long side to stop the lighting IC drive power project SUMB

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-05
[China LED network news] everything personally, may not be able to 'good end.' Long lighting time-consuming effort to invest in LED lighting IC drive power project, and ultimately to more than seven million yuan to catch up with drift. A few years ago the wind and fire cut into the lighting driver IC, but now a paper announcement declared termination. May 25 evening rectification announcement announced that the SUMBAO Lighting's board of directors to consider the adoption of the 'raised funds raised project LED lighting fixtures IC drive power project and the remaining project funds to supplement the current liquidity of the motion,' plans to terminate the LED lighting IC Drive the power supply project and the remaining funds to permanently add liquidity. The project to raise funds to invest a total of 25 million yuan, the actual use of raised funds of 7.4686 million yuan, the remaining raised funds 17.531 million yuan (the actual amount of additional working capital funds to the actual account of the amount of the total amount of funds). In order to improve the efficiency of the use of funds raised to meet the SUMBAO Lighting's liquidity needs, the SUMBAO Lighting plans to use the remaining funds of the project 17.531 million yuan for permanent replenishment of working capital. Time back to September 18, 2012, when the board of directors to consider the adoption of the 'on the use of ultra-raised funds to invest in IC drive power of the motion,' agreed to use the SUMBAO Lighting raised funds raised 25 million yuan investment in IC drive power project. The original long side lighting to choose their own investment to do IC drive power is due to: the project is completed and put into production to further expand the SUMBAO Lighting's existing production capacity, improve the SUMBAO Lighting's industrial chain, save power procurement costs, improve the SUMBAO Lighting's LED lighting products market competitiveness , To improve the added value of the SUMBAO Lighting's products, while optimizing the SUMBAO Lighting's LED lighting in the field of product lines, expand the lighting market, improve cost-effective and enhance the SUMBAO Lighting's profitability. Super raised funds project LED lighting IC drive power project plan investment details (as of March 31, 2015, has invested 7.4686 million yuan) ideal is full. Rectangular lighting in the announcement that, with the government's strong support for LED lighting products, as well as LED lighting products, green energy and environmental protection, LED lighting market development space is huge, the SUMBAO Lighting gradually cut into the LED lighting market, and LED lighting the core components IC drive power supply design assembly project is to enhance the SUMBAO Lighting's LED lighting products market competitiveness of one of the core factors. The SUMBAO Lighting began in May 2011 LED lighting integrated IC power project development and design, at the beginning, the cost of power accounted for 30% of the cost of the entire lamp, when the market purchase of high power costs, the average cost of about 6 yuan / To 8 yuan / month, the SUMBAO Lighting invested in integrated IC power project program, then the average cost of only about 1.5 yuan / month, compared with the purchase of power, at least 75% savings in IC power costs. But the reality is very skinny. Now two and a half years past, the long side of the lighting did not receive the desired results. Rectangular lighting, with the LED lighting products gradually popular use, the industry technology to speed up the upgrading of technology, IC power technology level has undergone great changes, the cost is also reduced, and our power costs are almost the same, and can Suitable for all the LED lamps, resulting in the SUMBAO Lighting's production power advantage is not obvious. At the same time the SUMBAO Lighting's IC power project investment funds are mainly used for the development of IC, the production of power can not be compatible with high-power 1W LED, new power production technology Division I can not fully grasp in a short time, comprehensive factors, continue to invest The new power technology does not save our cost, and improve the SUMBAO Lighting's LED lighting products market competitiveness is not obvious, so the outsourcing of IC drive power is more economical considerations. At the same time, in recent years, LED industry, a good momentum of development, with the SUMBAO Lighting's production and operation scale continues to expand, the SUMBAO Lighting in the purchase of raw materials, open up the market, laying channels and SUMBAO Brand Lighting promotion and other aspects of the growing demand for working capital, based on the SUMBAO Lighting's rapid development Liquidity requirements, the SUMBAO Lighting had to bank and other institutions to finance, resulting in the SUMBAO Lighting to pay a higher financial costs, to a certain extent, affected the SUMBAO Lighting's operating efficiency. In view of this, the termination of the raised funds project LED lighting IC drive power project and the remaining project funds to permanently add liquidity to improve the efficiency of the SUMBAO Lighting to raise funds, and ease the pressure on the SUMBAO Lighting's liquidity needs to enhance the SUMBAO Lighting operating efficiency, to achieve the SUMBAO Lighting and shareholders Maximize the benefits. For more information on LED, please click on China LED Network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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