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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO LED thermal performance of the LED LED thermal performance of the heat dissipation of the importanc

by:SUMBAO     2017-11-12

When we are using LED products, we all have a headache on the LED's heat dissipation and thermal effects, so we will analyze the LED's influence on the LEDs and the importance of LED's thermal effect to dissipate heat Understand it!

LED thermal effects on the LED

 According to LED thermal effects of the experiment found that LED thermal effects at low ambient temperature LED thermal effects under the light output will increase, and high temperature will lead to the decline in light output. LED under the action of the ambient temperature high temperature or high current work situation, will make the LED's operating temperature. In the LED thermal effect of the current work under constant conditions, LED thermal flux output by the PN junction temperature decision.

 Overall, the thermal effects of InGaN LEDs are less affected by temperature than the AlGalnP series. In order to maintain the LED luminous flux output under the influence of changes in ambient temperature remains unchanged, there is a LED thermal effect of technology, you can use a LED thermal feedback compensation circuit to adjust the LED thermal effect of the operating current to achieve. However, this method may make the LED thermal effect when working under very high ambient temperature, the LED thermal effect of operating current over the approximate life of the reduction.

 Most LED manufacturers have given LED thermal effect of light output and PN junction temperature curve, different LED manufacturers in the LED thermal effects of specific data is a certain difference. It should be noted that the general curve of the LED thermal effect temperature is the PN junction temperature rather than ambient temperature. LED heat PN junction temperature is mainly determined by the ambient temperature, operating current and heat sink performance. Usually because the lighting system to work in the case of LED thermal effects of large temperature changes, so the LED lighting system will take a lot of heat LED cooling effect for cooling. Under the action of prolonged LED heat, the service life of the LED lighting system can be significantly reduced. The high ambient temperature of the LED under the action of the LED can lead to a high PN junction temperature, which leads to a faster dissipation rate of the PN junction, which makes the LED Life expectancy declines and the rate of light decay increases over the life of the product. Therefore, the current operating temperature control LED heat effect LED lighting system to become the key technology optimization.

LED thermal effect of heat on the importance of LED

 Often an LED can be considered a 'cold' light source because its spectrum does not have as much infrared radiation as an incandescent bulb, so its light does not generate much heat. However, the thermal effects of LEDs still generate considerable heat on their PN junction, and the heat of these LED's must be scattered by convection and conduction. The LED mounted in a seaLED Recessed Spotlight and small lamps work, will lead to LED thermal effect of the PN junction temperature rise rapidly, the system performance degradation, the use of LED thermal effect of thermal substrate cooling and work in the low At ambient temperatures, it is possible to increase the light output and extend the life under the LED thermal effect.

 Through the above basic briefing, we know the influence of LED thermal effect on a LED lamp, which makes us a deeper step in the knowLED Recessed Spotlightge of LED products!

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