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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO LED lamp with five commonly used terms to explain

by:SUMBAO     2017-11-10

When we need to buy LED lights, but because of the terms of the LED lights are not familiar with the terms, often give us a very uncomfortable shopping experience. So in response to this phenomenon, the following LED lights commonly used five kinds of specifications for a brief explanation.

LED lamp with the general terms of introduction

 1, LED lamp with LED size: 0603,0805,1210,5050 refers to the use of LED lights with light-emitting components ---- LED lamp with LED size (inch / metric).

 2, the number of LED lights: 15 lights, 30 lights, 60 lights LED lamp with a length of each meter on the number of welded LED components, in general, 1210 specifications LED lights with 60 LED per meter, 5050 specifications LED lights 30 LEDs per meter, special LED lights with 60 LEDs per meter. LED lights with different numbers of LED lights with different prices, which is to distinguish the price of LED lights with an important factor.

 3, LED lights with color temperature: LED lights with a standard blackbody is heating, LED lights with a temperature increase to a certain extent, the color began from crimson - light red - yellow - white - blue, gradually changing, a light source and black The same color, we will be the absolute temperature at the time of the blackbody is calLED Recessed Spotlight the color temperature of the LED lamp with light source.

 LED color temperature is generally not as an indicator of assessment with LED lights, but many foreign customers because of the relationship between the use of LED lights with the environment, will make a special request. LED light source with different color temperature, LED light with light color is also different:

 LED lights with a color temperature below 3300K, light color red to give a warm feeling, a steady atmosphere, warm feeling, commonly known as LED lights with warm color temperature. LED lamp with a color temperature in the 3000 - 6000K for the middle, in this color tone no obvious visual psychological effects, a refreshing feeling, it is calLED Recessed Spotlight LED lights " Neutral " color temperature

 LED lamp with color temperature over 6000K, light color blue, gives the feeling of cold, commonly known as LED light with cold color temperature.

 4, LED lights with brightness: Candela is the basic unit of LED lights with luminous intensity, Candela (cd) is one of the basic unit of the International System of Units.

 General LED lights with different colors will have different luminous intensity, LED lights with commonly used unit is mcd, that millicandela. LED lights with the higher value, indicating the greater the luminous intensity of LED lights with, that is, the LED lights with the brighter. This is an important indicator to evaluate the brightness of LED lights, LED lights with the higher the brightness of the lamp with the more expensive prices. This is because the LED lights with high brightness LED chip price is more expensive, and the higher the brightness LED lights, LED lights with the more difficult to package.

 5, LED lights with voltage: This refers to the LED light with the input voltage, the commonly used LED lights with DC 12V specifications, and some are 24V.

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