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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO LED fill light is what LED fill light what is the use SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-11-12

REVIEW: LED fill light is what, LED fill light This lighting its relatively stable operation, brightness is relatively high, heat and power consumption are relatively low, so it's life expectancy is relatively long, LED It is widely used in some supermarkets, parking lots, residential entrances and exits and other places, its price is relatively affordable, the types are relatively complete, the development prospects are better, following the following small Edited together to learn LED fill light is what!

LED fill light

LED fill light is what

LED fill light is what, LED fill light is a solid-state light-emitting devices, also known as light-emitting diodes, driven by small current semiconductor devices, low power consumption, high stability, but the brightness is relatively weak. Fewer heat, good heat dissipation. Get close to plants without getting scorched. Based on this feature, the LED can be placed horizontally or vertically above the plant, so it can greatly reduce the loss of illumination and provide light efficiency.

LED fill light is what, LED fill light by small current drive semiconductor devices, is environmentally friendly products, small energy consumption, high brightness, can be used for a variety of occasions. For example, used in camera phones, for lack of light fill light. Home interior lighting, office lighting, night landscape background color lighting, road or neighborhood lighting at night, as well as a variety of silver light screen backlight fill light, take pictures not only photos and so on.

LED fill light what is the use

LED fill light

LED fill light what is the use of the so-calLED Recessed Spotlight fill light is projected with a specific light to be illuminated according to the object directly or indirectly through the light to meet the purpose of a special lighting equipment. When used to promote plant photosynthesis, it is directly to make up the light; when used to improve the ambient illumination, improve camera low illumination, is a specific light to shoot the scene to be shot, the camera can take a good picture quality is Indirect light to make up.

LED fill light advantage

1, LED Recessed Spotlight light blue light helps plant photosynthesis can promote green leaf growth and fruit formation; red light so that the plant's roots developed, to extend the flowering and increase plant output.

2, Compared with other plant lighting, plant fill light light line, do not worry seedling plants will scorch, but also can save 10% -20% of electricity.

3, LED Recessed Spotlight lights do not need to drive or use air conditioning standard power outlet.

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