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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO Gemio a cool LED bracelet, can create infinite light effect! SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-01
Gemio Band's advanced LED technology produces millions of colors, creating infinite light effects and interacting with music, actions and people around the user. Users can connect to a friend via Gemio Band. But also can send out the light signal for communication communication. Not only that, in the concert or large-scale activities, the hands of the Gemio Band can also play with the DJ music or with the people around the connection. Gemio may be the first to replace the surface of the decorative bracelet, allowing users to easily replace the decoration. Gemio from Seattle success in the group on the platform to obtain the necessary funds, the use of LED lights for the bracelet to create a variety of light color changes. (All images from: Gemio) Gemio is equipped with light, motion, sound and proximity sensors to detect and respond to the surrounding environment and user behavior. Gemio uses the LED panel and a built-in multi-million color palette to create special lighting effects to meet different needs. But also can reflect the user's mood, wearing or listening to the music rhythm. Gemio has built-in advanced lighting effects that can mimic natural substances and respond to changes in the user's actions. Water light effect can be distributed in the ring on the blue, green and white light. The fire is represented by flickering orange, red and yellow flames. If you use the hand to tap or even sparks. The price of a Gemio bracelet is $ 49 and is expected to ship in November 2016. Just press the button above Gemio will be able to connect with friends, do not even need to make any settings through the phone. This is a great way to pair up with friends at any place. With My Gemio App, users can send text messages to a friend's Gemio bracelet. The hand ring can display a simple pattern, representing 'meet me', 'let 's get out of here' and 'I'm on the road (I''m on my way ) 'And other messages. These light patterns are easy to understand and use light to express images of different messages. For example, 'meet me (see it)' pattern on the use of two light in the middle of the meaning of the meeting to convey the message to meet. Gemio has many built-in messages that users can still create their own exclusive messages with friends. Gemio is the first wearable device that can completely change its appearance. As long as the replacement of the shell decoration can be worn out completely different atmosphere. All the decorations are optically designed to work with the Gemio LED panel to create a dazzling effect and display symbol. At the time of the first sale, the user will be able to choose from six different styles of favorite models. All of the Gemio Band on Kickstarter are equipped with two decorations and let the user pick themselves. Gemio supports wireless charging. Gemio uses wireless charging, and the configuration of the two batteries can run for a long time do not have to worry about no electricity. The original target in raising $ 50,000 for Gemio, has raised $ 162,201. The price of a Gemio bracelet is $ 49 and is expected to ship in November 2016. (CompiLED Recessed Spotlight: LEDinside editor, zhang yahan).

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