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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO GE will discontinue some of the traditional lighting fixtures focused on the LED SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-01
An internal memorandum published by General Electric announced the type of lighting that will be discontinued on January 1, 2016, including some HID, incandescent, fluorescent and induction fixtures due to a decline in demand for traditional lighting products and Accelerated using solid state lighting. GE Lighting will no longer create new custom non-LED fixture configurations, and the catalog numbers for these products will no longer appear in quotes or orders. GE Lighting will continue to focus on LED and intelligent lighting technology, investing in the future of advanced lighting control and energy efficient LED lamps. GE 2016 Nian 1 Yue 1 of the discontinuance lighting product list: Product Category: Wall and regional catalog reference: W4L, WM7M, WMTS, W1LR, W1SR, W1LG, W1SG, W25C, SPMM, SYMM, DCF, DCD, DSA, DSME, DSM, DSM, DMA, DMS, DMS, DMY, DKA, GPB, GH5 Product Series: Wallighter, Wallmount, Decashield, Decasphere, Decashield, ThinScape, Dimension, Garage Guardian Category: Sports and Lightning Catalog Reference: PSFA, PSGC, UVF, ULGC, ULG, PSGV, SBG, SBF, SBN, HLU, VLU, V3SL, V3ST, PF1K Product Series: Powr-Spot, Ultra-Sport, Powr-Spot, Powerflood, Versaflood Product Category: JMB, JV, JV, OG6, OBC, GP2, GHB, UG5, UG6, L4MD, L4MU, LM5, MMI, MML, L1M Product range: Versabeam, Jr. Versabeam, Omniglow, Prismatic, Uniglow, Lowmount, Minimite products Category: Post Tops Catalog Reference: PTR, T2H, EDV, LGC, GAX, L, L6, LENX, LENF, V, MADX, MADF, P, T, A, ACA, TR1, TRC Product Series: Patriarch, Torch, Edison, Legacy, Salem? Str efdr., Gallon, Lenoir, Vandermore, Madison, Traditional, Avery Category: Roads & Infrastructure Catalog Reference: PPFS, RPFT, TGSM, TGTM, M4AC, M4AR, M4RC, M4RR, and the MSRL, MSRA, MSCA, MSCL Hazelous Catalog Reference: H8, PMGA, FP2, H4 Product family: Perma-Gard, included in the product range: Hazardous Catalog: H8, PMGA, FP2, H4 Product range: Perma-Gard, Product Category: Replacement Parts Catalog Reference: 35-210907-46, -51, -58, -87, -90, -91, -92, -97 ENC Product Family: HPS Ballast Series Type , and Epoxy Encapsulated Ballasts. For more information about LED, please click on the China LED Network or click on the public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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