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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO F-Jun Yao into the mainland LED factory supply chain! SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-02
Protection device factory F-Jun Yao 2016 is still the main growth momentum as security, now from the security control, communication capacity in full load state, this year in addition to both customers, will continue to cultivate LED lighting, smart meters, objects Networking, LED lighting has entered the Shanghai Infineon special supply chain, revenue accounted for 2-3%, F-Jun Yao optimistic about the future of LED lighting driven by the potential of protective components. F-Jun Yao will be held in mid-June to say, nearly 2 years the SUMBAO Lighting's busy season has been broken, the previous quarter of the second quarter - the fourth quarter of the season effect is not seen, replaced by scattered to the season. F-Jun Yao pointed out that this year or control the main growth momentum, especially the mainland's second largest control plant Dahua hopes to shorten the gap with the first factory Haikangwei as, although still need time brewing, but the supply chain is The rest of the inclusion of LED lighting, smart meters, Internet of Things are F-Jun Yao hard work areas, from the production line of view, and control, communication-related capacity to maintain full load, power products are slightly lower. F-Jun Yao is also quite optimistic about the demand for passive components driven by LED lighting, the SUMBAO Lighting said the mainland has made it clear that the provisions of the traditional ball bulb can not be produced, the demand for lighting is expected to turn to the T5 lamp, or LED bulb, part of the LED Light bulb additional dimming function, each need 1-2 protective elements, which is to protect the component factory, is a pie. F-Jun Yao LED lighting in the field has entered the Shanghai British special supply chain, Infineon is the mainland LED driver power manufacturers, currently accounts for the proportion of revenue of about 2-3%, then a single gross margin in more than 2 digits, LED lighting penetration this year is expected to exceed 30%, the market due to LED lighting SUMBAO Brand Lighting factory price competition and open, as long as there is a considerable degree of profit, F - Jun Yao will fight for orders. According to F-Jun Yao statistics, its largest customer for the Hikvision, revenue accounted for 10-12%, the second largest customer for ZTE, revenue accounted for about 4%, Infineon accounted for 2 -3%, F - customers are up to 2,000, less than a single industry fluctuations in operation and drag. As for the market's most concerned about the electric car, F-Jun Yao is one of BYD's supply chain, although the electric car theme speculation hot, but also the mainland thirteen five plan into the planning project, but F-Jun Yao pointed out that the current see no Out of large-scale construction of the pile to prepare the action, so there is no electric car revenue included in this year's revenue targets. The

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