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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO F - Grand Canyon 2015 gross margin of 40% 9 into the market in China SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-02
Outdoor landscape LED lighting factory F-Grand Canyon Wednesday (30) listed, not affected by the downturn in the LED industry, last year's gross margin came to 4 percent. Mainly benefited from China's outdoor landscape lighting market demand growth. F-Grand Canyon main business for outdoor landscape lighting, the use of LED lighting through the electronic control of the characteristics of the building in the external walls, shopping malls, bridges, lighting changes. In addition to the supply of LED lighting equipment, but also provide control systems and software development, and have control IC self-control capabilities, chairman Zhang Jiarui said that the technical capacity and international manufacturers Philips, OSRAM considerable, but the price and integration capabilities more advantages. F-Grand Canyon for Chinese businessmen in Taiwan, 9 percent of the market in China, about 1 percent in the global market outside of China. Although China's economic growth slowed down in the past two years, but the Grand Canyon annual revenue is still stable growth of more than one percent, mainly China's second and second tier cities, outdoor lighting demand, support the Grand Canyon last year's revenue increased by 3 percent. The SUMBAO Lighting estimates that revenue outlook for the next three years will continue to be bullish. Mainly in China's outdoor landscape lighting market size of about 80 billion yuan each year, one or two second-tier cities have been laid, but the demand is not yet saturated; three, four-tier cities are more new high-rise, urban construction need to match the theme of outdoor lighting. The SUMBAO Lighting set this year's performance targets, growth rate of not less than last year 3 percent level. Zhang Jiarui said, F-Grand Canyon in addition to providing outdoor LED lighting hardware and software, in recent years also actively toward the aesthetic design, with the practice of Taiwan University and the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, cultivate a new generation of lighting designers. At present, the F-Grand Canyon is mainly engaged with the project construction business, the end customer for the lighting of the idea, mainly by the implementation of third-party designers. The future F-Grand Canyon will develop its own design capabilities and provide a full range of system integration services. The

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