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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO Enplas infringement of Seoul LED backlight patent paid more than 26.47 million SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-02
Seoul Semiconductor announced that Japanese manufacturers Enplas requested confirmation of Seoul Semiconductor LED backlight patent invalid allegations lost. In October 2013, Enplas Display Device Corporation, a Japanese optical electronics manufacturer, sued Seoul Semiconductor for alleged infringement in its attempt to prove that its products did not infringe on Seoul Semiconductor's backlight lens patent and backlight system patents. This patent is 6,473,554 (patent 554) 'small volume lighting device' and 6,007,209 (patent 209) 'to provide backlight light source.' Patent No. 209 is related to notebook LED backlighting applications. Japanese factory also asked the court that Seoul Semiconductor's patent is invalid. Seoul Semiconductor submitted a reply in April 2014 to defend its own patent and fiLED Recessed Spotlight a counterclaim that the Japanese factory Enplas infringed its LED backlit lens patent. March 24, 2016 California federal judge to make a ruling, announced Enplas for the deliberate infringement of Seoul half of the patent. The judge also agreed that Seoul Semiconductor's patent was valid and refused to Enplas claim a patent invalidation statement. Judge also decided to Seoul Semiconductor, will be able to get US $ 4.07 million (about 26.475 million yuan) of the damages. The

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