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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO EMC subsidies cancel LED lighting PPP mode still need time? SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-02
May 25 evening long issued a plan to increase the plan, the SUMBAO Lighting intends to not more than five specific objects, non-public offering of not more than 100 million shares, the total amount of funds raised not more than 910,775,500 yuan, intended to 'PPP mode' for the The main lighting energy-saving services and supplementary working capital. Rectangular lighting will EMC model to convert to the PPP model, with the State Council recently issued 'on the abolition of non-administrative licensing approval of the decision' to cancel the contract energy management subsidies, vigorously develop the 'PPP model' related. As a new model of concern in recent years, with the 'EMC model' weakened, 'PPP model' in the industry set off a wave of controversy. News review The State Council abolished the 'contract energy management' subsidies will vigorously develop the PPP model The State Council recently issued 'on the abolition of non-administrative licensing approval issues', and then abolished 49 non-administrative licensing approval matters, 84 non-administrative licensing approval Government internal examination and approval matters. In the future, we will not retain the approval category of 'non-administrative licensing approval', adjust the internal approval of the government, not for citizens, legal persons and other social organizations to implement the examination and approval; approval departments should strictly regulate the examination and approval, clear government internal approval authority, Scope, conditions, procedures, time limits, strict restrictions on discretion, optimize the approval process, improve the efficiency of approval. We should further deepen the reform of the administrative system, deepen the reform of the decentralization of government, promote the transformation of government functions, and continuously improve the scientific, standardized and legalized level of government administration. Among them, the cancellation of non-administrative licensing examination and approval matters, including the 'contract energy management project financial incentive fund management Interim Measures' (Finance Construction (2010) 249) documents, by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly approved the contract energy management project financial incentives The The industry said, 'PPP' is 'EMC' variant, 'PPP' is their own + government investment, 'EMC' will also be more than 10 million yuan, 'PPP' can be billion. 'PPP' refers to the government and social capital cooperation model. Government representatives are local and national governments, and social capital can be a consortium of private enterprises, state companies or specific fields of expertise. And because the 'PPP model' emphasizes the depth of social capital participation, promote this model is conducive to revitalize the social stock of capital, stimulate private investment vitality, financing for urbanization, control government debt, ease financial pressure, but also conducive to The government is better to change its functions and push forward the reform of fiscal and taxation system. Industry perspective in the new era, 'EMC model' how win-win? Shi Ford domestic marketing center marketing director Wang Chen In recent years, due to LED upstream and downstream technology by leaps and bounds gradually become rational product cost, coupLED Recessed Spotlight with LED lighting industry opportunities increased its own structure optimization process has also been highlighted. New technology, new products, new formats, new business models continue to emerge, how to do the future 'EMC', from the following two points to read: 1, 'EMC model' normalized. Product stability and maturity is to promote the 'EMC' normalized strong internal cause. The support for government subsidies related to outdoor road products is less important. For most energy service companies, after a long and cumbersome approval process, the subsidy under the application is only better than nothing, and its impact on the overall income of the project is getting smaller. The government is more concerned about the 'EMC' industry market-oriented operation, from the form of financial subsidies to the gradual promotion of blood transfusion into a market-oriented operation, with the power of the market norms, and guide the healthy development of the industry. Shifu Te many years to high-quality products and services for all types of domestic 'EMC' operating units and projects to provide strong protection, especially in the 'EMC' project, manufacturers provide product quality and service far more than the price of the product More important. 2, 'PPP mode' still need time. Cancel the 'EMC' special funds LED Recessed Spotlight to move the whole body, which requires a relatively long process. As for the 'PPP model', the government and social capital to establish a 'benefit sharing, risk sharing, full cooperation' community relationship is more suitable for large-scale infrastructure investment and operation, and municipal public lighting projects due to the latter part of the operation process can not Directly generate a stable cash flow, so forced to apply 'PPP mode' is actually reluctantly. A part of the improper handling, the government and the main investment will be subject to varying degrees of injury. Government participation in the form, procedures, channels, scope and extent, which is a worthy of discussion and troubling problems. For more information on LED, please click on China LED Network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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