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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO DOE Update Lamp Energy Efficiency Specifications Incandescent lamps must be 45Lm W SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-03
The US Department of Energy proposed a new light bulb energy efficiency standards, a complete outline of the elimination process, so that incompatible incandescent bulbs can be phased out. The source of law comes from the bill passed by the bipartisan parliament in 2007 and supported by industry. DOE new bulb energy efficiency regulations to encourage US consumers to accelerate the purchase of standardized LED bulbs, fluorescent lamps, new incandescent bulbs. (Source: DOE US Department of Energy) If the United States about 4 billion lampholders are fitted with standardized energy-saving light bulbs, US consumers and the industry will be able to save about 12.5 billion US dollars (RMB 81.65 billion yuan) , But also enjoy more clean air and a more healthy environment. According to this time DOE update specifications, as of 2020, incandescent bulbs must reach 45 lumens per watt, and all including LED bulbs and fluorescent bulbs, including lamps must be able to achieve higher energy efficiency. Although the DOE update specification allows manufacturers to have the opportunity to re-improve the 125-year-old incandescent bulbs to comply with specifications, but in fact all the R & D resources manufacturers have long been able to provide better energy efficiency LED bulbs. The future to replace the 100-watt incandescent bulb may be just 20 watts, and luminous efficiency as excellent LED bulbs. There are still 28 EU countries are also out of incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs, is expected to completely eliminated in 2018, this time even more than the scheduLED Recessed Spotlight time of the United States as early as a year and a half. DOE's proposal will help US consumers save the purse, but still need consumers to change their habits, began to buy LED bulbs. The

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