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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO CSP so hot, how long will it become mainstream? SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-04
CSP into the LED people's horizons is not a day or two, from LumiLED Recessed Spotlights to now almost all chip companies have to participate, and even packaging companies are beginning to involve them, but the CSP is still used in lighting is very rare The For the CSP concept of hot, not only because of its lower cost to improve cost-effective, but from it into the LED industry to 'to cut off the packaging business life' and fire. But if you want to compete with the current LED products, I am afraid not imagined so fast. Cost-effective war upgrade CSP advantage highlights CSP full name Chip Scale Package, also known as chip-level package. The technical tradition is defined as a package with the same size as the LED chip, or a package that is less than 20% of the size of the LED chip. Its traditional semiconductor industry has been doing for a long time, according to the traditional semiconductor packaging structure development process, it experienced the TO → DIP → LCC → QFP → BGA to CSP. The main purpose of the technology is to reduce the package size, improve chip reliability, improve wafer cooling. And since entering this year, LED industry gradually mature, conventional LED packaging products, the competitive advantage gradually increased to fight the price. According to TrendForce's green energy business LEDinside offer shows, Q2 mainland lighting market mainstream products 2835, down range of 10 to 17%, the mainstream price of 0.5W price drop is 17%, LED cost performance war has entered the large-scale era. With the advent of large-scale cost-effective era, whether it is a large listed companies or focus on subdivision areas of small and medium enterprises, there is a different competition. In today's lighting market, we compete for price cuts, the packaging devices continue to be forced to play the banner of promotion in order to quickly occupy the LED lighting market heights. CSP can be described as homeopathy, to a large extent to solve the customer requirements for product costs. Contrast CSP can be directly applied to the customer's PCB board on the ultimate goal, the current CSP development is still in the initial stage. But once the CSP to achieve this ultimate goal, will effectively shorten the heat source to the substrate heat flow path to reduce the thermal resistance of the light source, both from the product cost or stability, are better than the current LED. From the industrial development point of view csp mature cycle, because it has no substrate, no wire, small size and high optical density advantages, omit some of the intermediate links, making the cost has been significantly reduced, eliminating some uncertainty. In addition, due to the existing traditional semiconductor has matured technology, when re-applied in the LED field, it is natural to shorten the maturity of its technology. CSP package and the traditional package of the difference from the technical point of view, because the CSP is very early in the use of backlight and flash, its own technical problems do not exist, but because the bulk production yield is not high, resulting in high cost is the current problem. With the optimization and upgrading of process equipment, said CSP completely replaced may not be possible, but it is definitely not just before the possession of those special areas of the market, the future application of the field will be more extensive, especially in the lighting industry. Yield control process maturity is the key As we all know, as a high technological content of the CSP, how to cut, or cut points and catch the point of choice is essential. If too advanced, a technical level of difficulty and risk is too large, it is likely to return without success; followed from the market demand point of view, not enough to achieve market-oriented support, resulting in a technology without market or market is relatively small And the resulting blank period. On the contrary, if too backward, not only with the global LED industry, the gap between the growing, resulting in endless waste of resources, also deviated from the mainstream market demand. In this case, we must refer to the concept of ITRS (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors International Semiconductor Technology Blueprint) technology node. The concept is defined as 'making significant progress in the process'. For the current CSP in the field of lighting applications less reason or cost is not high. And this is not high because the process still depends on the process. CSP due to product size is small, lack of inherent mechanical strength, material sorting test process is difficult, SMT placement technology requires higher technical barriers, resulting in yield is not high. Therefore, CSP package for the application of lighting manufacturers are new issues, there are still many problems to be resolved. In this regard, crystal photoelectric Zhao Hanmin also said that although the CSP technology to reduce or even remove the stent, reducing the cost of packaging, and has a certain characteristics of the luminous shape and better cooling function, in many applications are very attractive Force, but by its small chip, chip equipment, high precision, no bracket protection, more fragile than the traditional patch-type packaging and other limitations, making the CSP in some areas will develop faster, and in other areas will be more SLOW. Although this is said, but compared to the traditional white light LED development, CSP technology mature cycle should be shorter than the original LED mature cycle. LED enterprises from the current point of view, in the already mature LED products, the process is already consummate. Although the CSP are still in the development stage, but the current LED business is not just the time to contact the LED, and now they have not only a lot of years of industry experience, but also the acquisition of some foreign experienced enterprises and get some Related patents. It can be seen, although the CSP is still unable to fight with the current mature LED products cost-effective, but the time will not fight than the original LED mature cycle even longer. (Text / China LED network Skavy) more LED related information, please click on the Chinese LED network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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