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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO Cree and Belkin LED bulbs join SmartThings SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-03
Popular connection to the family platform SmartThings will be Belkin (Belkin) and CREE bulbs added to their own intelligent control of the family. Belkin and Cree lead the new generation of products WeMo LED and Cree Connected LED has been integrated into the SmartThings ecosystem, a smart home platform as a member. Currently sold at Home Depot in North America, intelligent LED bulbs, only Cree's Connected LED priced at $ 15, WeMo LED priced at $ 30, in the sale of the starter kit with two bulbs and a WeMo link, priced at 100 The dollar. Cree's ZigBee Smart LED Bulb Packets specific instructions pairing the Wink Hub, however, it was quickly found that it could be run through other control centers such as the Philips HUE Bridge. SmartThings enthusiasts also try to manage the Cree bulbs on the open source platform for code development through the web. Today, this bulb has become an integral part of SmartThings. Users can also find this new integration in the SmartThings application. SmartThings also integrates the WeMo LED, and then no longer need to link through the WeMo plug-in gateway to match the light bulb. European family automation SUMBAO Brand Lighting Fibaro will also add some products to the SmartThings lineup, such as the shape of 'the devil Sauron (Sauron) sky eye' motion sensor, the product is also compatible with SmartThings. For more information on LED, please click on China LED Network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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