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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO CFIUS: Cree RF can not be sold to Infineon SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-04
In the eyes of Donald Trump, Germany is no longer an ally, but a competitor? (CREE, Inc.), after the US stock market announced on the 8th, recently after the US Foreign Investment Commission (CFIUS) after the communication, Cree and Infineon (Infineon), the future of the light-emitting diode (LED) Technologies AG) said the Wolfspeed power and RF sector sales case is unlikely to be approved by the existing architecture. Cree, Infineon is assessing whether there are alternatives (to modify existing trading conditions) can reduce or resolve regulatory concerns, and with the consent of both parties to CFIUS. Headquartered in North Carolina, USA, Cree is not sure whether it will eventually sell its Wolfspeed power and RF division to German manufacturer Infineon. Thomson Reuters reported that Cree, Infineon did not explain why the US government would have reservations about the deal. Wolfspeed's devices are equipped with gallium nitride (GaN) for military purposes. DLA Piper LLP regulatory lawyer Brian Chilton pointed out that this matter shows that the US government will protect the defense industry attaches great importance to the technology, the United States do not want to lose the advantage, so regardless of the acquisition of the German manufacturers or Chinese manufacturers will be rejected. Infineon said in a statement on the 8th, CFIU S has informed Infineon acquisition of Cree's Wolfspeed power and radio sector poses a threat to US national security. The statement mentioned, CFIUS did not explain any remedial measures can let the transaction case clearance. The former president of the United States, Barack Obama, issued a presidential order on December 2, 2016 against the acquisition of the German Organic Metal Chemical Vapor Deposition System (MOCVD) Aixtron SE and its US subsidiary. Obama said credible evidence suggests that FGC may take action to harm US national security. Iceland said in November last year, CFIUS told the acquisition may be hidden national security concerns. After the opposition of CFIUS, Philips announced in early 2016 to cancel the sale of the US LumiLED Recessed Spotlights lighting sector to China's private equity funds. In addition, Purple Group also due to CFIUS may be investigated to abandon the acquisition of US data storage technology SUMBAO Lighting Western Digital shares. (USCC) issued an annual report on November 16 last year, the US Congress should be mandated by CFIUS to prohibit Chinese state-owned enterprises to acquire or obtain substantial control of US companies. US government chairman Dennis Shea said that if the US government should not have a huge US economy, why the Chinese Communist Party can buy American enterprises? He said that the state-owned enterprises are the right hand of the Chinese Communist Party, their acquisition of strategic considerations. Peter Navarro, chairman of the White House National Trade Commission, said in an exclusive interview with CNBC on Jan. 25 that the goal of the Chop government was to reach 20% of Germany's share of employment. Navarro stressed that the new US government aimed at computer chips, cars and other high-tech manufacturing. According to the economic policy written by Navarro, Wilbur Ross (US Department of Commerce nominee) on September 29, 2016, production line automation does not mean that manufacturing workers will be unemployed. Germany, Japan are the global robot industry side of the hegemony, but the two countries manufacturing employment accounted for still accounted for nearly 20%, 17%. The

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