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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO Ayla Signs Dutch Innr Power Intelligent Lighting Market SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-04
Recently, Ayla Networks Allah has signed the first European customer - the Dutch lighting SUMBAO Lighting Innr Lighting. Innr is using the Ayla Internet of Things platform to expand its market share in smart home lighting solutions in Europe. 'Because we are a lighting product SUMBAO Lighting, rather than the Internet of things connected to the SUMBAO Lighting.Therefore, in order to expand the scope of business outside the local and increase the product features, security and compatibility, need to pay a very high cost, cost a lot of time, and extremely complex 'Ayla provides all back-end connections that Innr needs urgently, and is compatible with cross-SUMBAO Brand Lightinging,' said Jeroen Dalderop, CEO and co-founder of Innr, co-founder Jeroen Dalderop, as an agile networking (IoT) platform that provides full connectivity support for a variety of products Feature, including a mobile application library that adds mobile app control to our cloud products. Innr's founder is a former Philips executive who specializes in developing and selling smart home lighting solutions to enable everyone to have better home lighting products. Innr helps users to create indoor and event-specific lighting 'scenes' based on the location and intensity of light to adjust the mood of the user. For example, the user can create a restaurant at home banquet lighting scene; in the living room to create cocktail cocktail lighting scene; in front of the TV to create a movie night lighting scene, in the home of the child's home work area or parent reading area set specific lighting effects Innr's online lighting consultant can help users quickly and easily design professional lighting solutions, including the required products, according to the specific home layout and demand to create lighting scenes. 'The Innr is a vibrant SUMBAO Lighting with excellent product line and Ayla's end-to-end networking technology,' said Phillip Zhang Nanxiong, co-founder and president of Ayla. After signing Innr, Ayla has customers in North America, Asia and Europe. In fact, as early as July of this year, Ayla has signed a partnership with Dimplex, Europe's leading heating SUMBAO Lighting, to provide Internet connectivity services for its product line in the US, and once again signed the European lighting SUMBAO Lighting Innr, which means Ayla's Business has a deeper level of progress. Zhang Nanxiong said, Ayla in Europe has a very mature experience and customer case, you want to enter the European market for Chinese enterprises to provide a more solid Internet of things platform services. Innr intelligent lighting product line includes intelligent lighting, light source and sensor. Users can use Innr intelligent lighting products and cloud platform to achieve the only professional design and installation system to achieve the lighting effect. Innr is currently selling products in the Netherlands through channels such as home smart products and consumer electronics retailers and online stores, and is currently actively expanding its European distribution network. For more information on LED, please click on China LED Network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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