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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO Apple Watch real machine exposed with sapphire mirror SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-04
March 10, Apple in San Francisco, the United States held in 2015 spring conference, announced on April 24 will officially sell its first smart watch Apple Watch, life time of 18 hours. Apple said Apple Watch has three series: Apple Watch Sport (10), Apple Watch (20) and Apple Watch Edition (8). Each series has a size of 38mm and 42mm, but all Apple Watch is functionally the same. Three series of differences: Apple Watch Sport: with silver or dark gray anodized aluminum metal case, Ion-X glass material, composite material back, the price of 38 mm price of 2588 yuan, 42 mm 2988 yuan. Apple Watch: There are stainless steel or deep black two stainless steel case, sapphire crystal mirror, ceramic table back, strap different, the price is different, 4188 yuan -8288 yuan. Apple Watch Edition: from the unique 18K gold or rose gold to create, sapphire crystal mirror, ceramic table back, priced at 74800 yuan -126800 yuan. Apple Watch will be on April 10 in the store to open pre-sale, 24 officially opened. The first batch of countries including Australia, Germany, the United States, Japan, China (mainland and Hong Kong) and so on. Apple Watch has the phone call received at last year's conference (built-in speaker and microphone support), SMS read reply and other functions. In this conference, Apple has highlighted the health of the product. Apple Watch can provide health reports to users every weekend, similar to a personal trainer. With the Digital Touch feature, Apple Watch can send health data such as heartbeats to other users' Apple Watch. Other features, Apple Watch with Glance, you can swipe through the dial to quickly browse the information. Apple Watch can receive all the reminders on the phone, such as sports scores, social software, news and so on. In addition, Apple Watch also supports Apple Pay, Siri voice control, with Uber calLED Recessed Spotlight the car, with Passbook management tickets, quickly open the hotel room and garage door locks, connect the surveillance camera, and even use voice control WeChat applications, payment with Alipay. In the field of intelligent wear, Apple Watch features can be described as all-encompassing, which is Apple Watch's features, but also its biggest controversy. When it is in function with the mobile phone height coincidence, why do not we put the screen bigger mobile phone out to operate? Presumably this product in the fashion attributes of the user demands to be better than the functional, such products will be recognized by the market? We have to observe. For more information on LED, please click on China LED Network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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