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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO Analysis on the Business of 33 New LED Enterprise SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-05
Recently, the stock market is good, yesterday's A shares ushered in seven years has been 4800 points breakthrough, there is really staged stock price skyrocketing 2000 times the new three board, that the new three board is not the modern version of the gold rush? As a new wave of the three board in a main force LED enterprises in 2015 into the market a wave covered a wave, according to statistics, 2013 to follow the new three boards only two, and by 2014, in the new three board listed LED business 19, 2015 or more. In order to unlock the LED industry's new three board enterprises, China LED network statistics of the 33 new three board LED business in 2014 and 2013 revenue situation, and from the perspective of the industry chain layers of the opening of the new three board trend. New three board application business revenue decline in the proportion of four into the table can be clearly seen, there are 10 LED terminal application business in 2014 revenue is in a downward trend, 15 are in a state of growth. According to statistics, Peng Yuan photoelectric decline is the most obvious, to -76.86%, mainly due to the sharp decline in raw material prices and tracking of key projects in the pre-bidding process stage; more serious Jiuzhou photoelectric and Longxing lighting, Down more than 20%. And Henan in the cloud of the most obvious growth, the growth rate reached 802.28%, of which more than six percent is from home lighting growth. Zhuo Naipu, easy to point technology, abundance of science and technology, as well as all of China and other five more than 50% growth. Through the new three-board LED lighting display of the overall performance of the enterprise, the new three board is indeed a 'feng shui treasure', but as investors need to polish eyes, to 'sand rush gold', must not be a blind eye, blindly follow the trend. LED new three board nearly four into the enterprise 2014 is a downward trend. Through the above 25 earnings can be seen, whether it is lighting business or show the proportion of business continues to increase, the industry continue to be good. The market growth rate of the price decline in revenue growth is not relatively small compared to the downstream terminal business of the new three board of the master invasion, the upstream chip packaging business is more rational. From the data we can see that Oulund and Shanghai Dinghui Technology 2014 is showing growth, and Ouwei Ge 2014 decline. It is reported that Ouwei Ge in 2014 although operating costs decreased by 30.98% over the previous year, but operating income is still lower than last year 27.84%, which is mainly reduced sales, LGP business decline. Overall, 2014, Oulund and CDH Technology in 2014 to benefit from the LED lighting and backlighting two sub-sectors showed a rapid market growth, profitability achieved growth; but by the entire LED industry product sales prices fell rapidly The impact of growth is not large. In 2014, the overall revenue in the upstream and downstream enterprises showed a slight increase, and competition in 2015 will be more intense. According to TrendForce's green energy business LEDinside latest offer shows that the second quarter of 2015 LED packaging offer continued to decline. Lighting part of the average package offer excluded from the 2835, the decline fell in the range of 1 ~ 9%; and LED 2835 mainstream products for the Chinese mainland lighting market, so the decline rate of 10 to 17%, far beyond the other lighting packaging products. Backlit LED package offer fell 3 to 6%, this year is still straight down the price of backlight products, the most intense competition. Equipment and LED supporting enterprises trend to increase the rate of subsidies to decline According to Xiao Bian incomplete statistics, the new three-board LED equipment and supporting enterprises in 2014, revenue growth over the same period the overall situation. From the figure can be seen, Sheng Sheng photoelectric increase the largest, reaching 166.70%. This is mainly due to its domestic MOCVD enterprises, supported by the government, according to financial results show that in 2014 the amount of government subsidies accounted for 70.69% of the SUMBAO Lighting's revenue, 91.73% over the previous year significantly reduced. And as a supporting component Jingbao shares reached more than 34%, the main reason for this growth is not LED. And as a test of service in a test increase is relatively low, LED revenue is only a small part. For the growth of Zhong Sheng photoelectric, is based on the diversification of business-oriented, there are other areas of growth to coordinate each other. And for the current LED equipment MOCVD the new three board only enterprise, consider the recommendation of the localization of equipment, the future growth of space. (Text / China LED network Skavy) more LED related information, please click on the Chinese LED network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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