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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 40 yuan of LED lights can sell 400 yuan market deep water inside secret SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-05
LED lights market price 'cohabitation', with a different LED lights have different prices, so that consumers can not identify, people can not help but question, LED lighting in the end is how the matter, how the price difference is so big? Following the market under the unannounced visits to open the mystery of LED prices insider! The same lights have three prices Miss Lee recently prepared to buy a metal 'fishing light' in the living room, but this looks very stylish floor lamp, the price is simply dizzy. The same is a large 'fishing light', a market has 1860 yuan, 980 yuan, 620 yuan three prices. The sale price of 1860 yuan businessmen said that this lamp is the Hong Kong SUMBAO Brand Lighting, the seat is marble, shade, shrinking pole is stainless steel, the price of natural expensive. And the sale price of 980 yuan, 620 yuan business also known as their own store this is an international SUMBAO Brand Lighting, just engage in special cheap to sell. The price is the business of their own recently visited the lighting market found that the price is high is a common phenomenon. A lighting city, the price of 4400 yuan of domestic crystal lamp, and so I opened the bargain, the boss played a discount. 'Price is our own subject. You want to be optimistic, I can offer, to ensure cheaper than other homes.' The author pointed to a 14,000 yuan crystal lamp began to counter-offer. Finally, the price cut to 60%, the boss also cheerfully said that if you buy now, you can give light bulbs and lamp beads, if you buy one, the price can let a let. The higher the price the greater the profits of the industry said that the early lighting industry popular '40 yuan of lamps, sold you 300 yuan is friendship, 400 yuan is the market' argument. Now the industry is highly competitive, although the profits down, but the price has become a high price. Now the gross profit of lighting is about 50% to 100%, such as finished folding, thousands of dollars of domestic crystal lamp purchase price of six hundred or so, million yuan of imported crystal lamp purchase price of five thousand dollars. The higher the price the higher the profits of the lamp, due to the lack of uniform pricing, how much money depends on the customer's bargain technology. Half of the bargain or do not trust Recently, Mr. Wang in the lighting market optimistic about an imported crystal lamp, priced at 15,600 yuan. Shop owner said that the lamp of the crystal are imported from India, the lowest price can play 10% off. Mr. Wang that the price is too high ready to leave, the boss suddenly soft tone down, said the price can also discuss again. 'Finally to 7900 yuan price of the transaction, you can buy home after I feel slaughtered.' Mr. Wang helpless that casually talk can be reduced to nearly 50%, I really do not know these gorgeous bright crystal lamp floor price is How many. For more information on LED, please click on China LED Network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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