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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 337-TA-947 investigation preliminary ruling released Cree was ITC support SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-05
(Nasdaq: CREE) announced today that it has received a preliminary notice from the US International Trade Commission ('ITC') regarding the investigation of the 337-TA-947 (part of the LED product and its similar components) The ruling supports the prosecution of patent infringement and the issuance of false advertisements by Feit Electric Company, Inc. and its Asian supplier, Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.. The results of the judgment of the ITC judge are as follows: • Infringement of US Patent No. 8596819 (LED lighting product efficiency), U.S. Patent No. 8628214 (LED lighting product efficiency), U.S. Patent No. 7976187 (omni-directional LED lighting product), U.S. Patent No. 8766298 ( LED components structure), Fett and Dongbei were ruLED Recessed Spotlight against section 337 of the Customs Act. • Fete and Tung Pui have posted ENERGY STAR labels on some of the products that faiLED Recessed Spotlight to meet ENERGY STAR standards and / or requirements. This false and misleading advertising was ruLED Recessed Spotlight against the law. It is currently expected that the US International Trade Commission will make a final decision on the survey on November 29, 2016. 'The judge's decision affirmed Cree in a more efficient and comprehensive LED lighting products breakthrough, which we are very happy,' Cree's general counsel Brad Kohn said. 'We hope that this ruling will issue an exclusion order and a stop order to protect consumers and Cree by preventing the improper use of Cree's patented technology, lied to meet ENERGY STAR requirements and other products to import.' (CompiLED Recessed Spotlight: LEDinsideNicole).

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