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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 30 LED companies will be invited to enter the Spring Festival holiday! SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-05
February 7 New Year's Eve, I heard that some companies have a holiday! (So ​​early do not make money? Please leave a message to tell you what you are) National holidays is February 7 to February 13, today began to work, is not it too early? Of course, for the Chinese people so attached to the Spring Festival, a week of statutory holidays is far enough drops! So all kinds of retired fake out, and therefore, all enterprises of the Spring Festival holiday time is not the same, even the gap is very large. Today we have to inventory some, LED business people in the end of the Spring Festival holiday how long? Hatred to send: 14 days and 20 days someone sun tan some people tan car, these are not? Then you may be able to take a 'hug' out of the sun. For the manufacturing industry, at once two months of the holidays are not normal, more than two weeks has been considered a long time. CNLED network survey statistics 30 LED business this year after the Spring Festival holiday found that the holiday more than 14 days (including 14 days) of the eight companies, accounting for 26.67%. Hyundai new material to 17 days holiday won the 'runner', Dalian Dehao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., TCL lighting to 16 days off tied for the third. (Although the crown season and the eggs of the season, but the Spring Festival put a few days off is always happy ~) warmth: 8 days -13 days is not every business can give employees more than two weeks long vacation, then hit 'Warmth' it. For example, more than a year or so ago, so that employees go home to buy buy, ready to dinner, do not have to have the day before the year hard to 'go home', or years later put a day or two, so that employees can well The other half had a Valentine's Day (February 14). LED companies to play 'warmth' accounted for the majority of the surveyed 30 companies, 15 companies leave time for 8-13 days, accounting for 50%. Labor model: 7 days LED enterprises in the 'strict law-abiding' business, only put the holiday 7 days (the following table for Virgo)! For this type of business, we call it 'model' (very honored, CNLEDW almost can be enough on this title)! Of course, only put 7 days of the various companies have various considerations, such as orders too much to rush and so on. Of course, for the long holiday counterparts, we do not have too envy jealousy hate. According to CNLEDW survey, regardless of the length of the holiday, the majority of enterprises are only paid for the legal time of 7 days, other times how to pay, mostly with annual leave deduction or retreat, More hard to force, Xiaobian students in the traditional media work in the circle of friends in the Spring Festival holiday is 'duty table' (really model in the model ah)! (Text / LED network sophie) vote time to your business Spring Festival holiday how many days? A.14 days or more, you can marry a marriage of her B.8-13 days, the first shop a ping to buy something to my parents C.7 days, go home too far by leave D.7 days, tears Under the E-class dog, homesick had video calls more LED-related information, please click on the Chinese LED network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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