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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2021 lighting with COB LED market size exceeded 700 million US dollars SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-05
Trendsce LED technology (LED online) The latest '2016 ~ 2021 LED industry demand and supply database' show, 2016 lighting with COB (including ceramic package / EMC package COB products) market size of 580 million US dollars , Estimated 2021 market size will exceed 700 million US dollars, 2016 ~ 2021 compound growth rate of about 4%. 'The COB products are mainly used in commercial lighting markets. With the upgrading of technology, the performance of high-power COB products has stabilized, and it has been gradually applied to outdoor lighting, including LED mining lamps and street lamps,' said Wu Yingjie, deputy director of LEDinside research. As high-power LED and COBLED with no power in the product design advantages and high light intensity, will be able to enhance the competitive advantage of high-end lighting market. Wu Yingjie pointed out that the international manufacturers have a complete COB product line, focusing on product quality, reliability and light intensity, creating high customer use group, also has IP protection, as the main export lighting manufacturers to choose the main supplier. Chinese manufacturers rely on cost-effective and huge domestic market, the development of EMC packaging COB products, driving lighting with COB revenue rapid growth. In terms of 2015 ranking, Citizen (Citizen Electronics) and CREE are the first and second, Citizen and its relatively complete product line occupies the largest market share. 2015 Citizen and CREE are all-round development of high-intensity COB product line, and actively into the cost of 10 watts below the indoor commercial lighting, and more than 50 watts of engineering and outdoor lighting. This year Citizen and CREE have introduced COB products for use in plant lighting markets, and revenue is expected to grow significantly. Sharp with two color temperature products and patent protection, access to medical lighting and commercial lighting applications, Bridgelux products cost-effective, the main product applications are still engineering lighting, the two manufacturers tied for third. LumiLED Recessed Spotlights and Nichia greatly expand the COB product line, grow fast, and in the fifth position. The two companies are expected to have more products in the second half of this year, driven by a substantial increase in annual revenue growth. Samsung since 2014, the positive development of lighting and began to invest COB products, revenue growth in 2015, into the seventh. Wu Yingjie further pointed out that Chinese manufacturers to actively develop COB products, such as the spectrum due to the introduction of full spectrum of plant lighting with COB, sales performance is considerable, ranking in 2015 ranked eighth. Guangzhou Silicon has been focused on the COB market, the rapid development in recent years, the successful launch of this year's high-density, high color products, high-end business in the market competitiveness of the rising. The LuminusDevices in 2013 by the three optical acquisition, mainly located in the field of high-end commercial lighting, Xiamen has been set up production base, expand production capacity, expected to further expand the scale of revenue. The

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