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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2017Iphone 8 only part of the models using OLED screen? SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-06
IPhone next year, the overall demand for OLED panel is too large, the supplier too much Analysts alleged that the advent of 'iPhone 8' in 2017 may be only part of the models using OLED screen. Barrons (Barron's) reported on the 16th, Gabelli HendiSusanto and the OLED material supplier Universal Display executives after the talks said that the beginning of the iPhone will only part of the use of OLED panel, for the transition period, and then will be fully replaced with OLED panel. Reported that the outside world will be listed next year, the new iPhone will adopt OLED panel, Apple may only be instalLED Recessed Spotlight in a specific version of the iPhone to reduce the supplier's capacity load, speed up the adoption of OLED speed. Why iPhone can not be fully used OLED? Susano pointed out that Samsung Electronics and other suppliers of OLED panel production began soon, OLED panel in the wisdom machine market penetration is still low, still in the early stages, the current intelligent machine shipped 1.3 billion per year, only less than 300 million OLED. Reported that Samsung said OLED prices have been lower than the high-end LCD panel - LTPSLCD, it is worth noting, because the OLED production scale is much smaller than the high-end LCD. Samsung and said that the second quarter of this year's OLED panel in short supply. (6486), Los Angeles (8077), the United States (4960), the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, Material (8215), and Xin (3049) and so on. Intelligent machine OLED panel demand for burning rolling, Samsung Electronics's panel factory Samsung Display production can not cope. Korean media etnews11 day, the industry news that the recent millet to Samsung Display order OLED, but get a reply is the second half of next year after the shipment, tight supply situation can be seen. IHS said, excluding Samsung, 2014 only 21 intelligent machine using OLED panel, jumped to 50 in 2015, this year will be a big outbreak, estimated Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Meizu, millet and so will be used. It is understood that the current Samsung Display A2 factory production 5.5 generation of hard OLED, the monthly output of 1.5 million; A3 plant is responsible for manufacturing 6 generations of flexible OLED, the monthly output of 15,000. The industry estimates that this year, Samsung additional investment, A2 plant capacity will increase by 2 million, A3 plant will increase by 30,000. iPhone Mania May 17, AppleInsider reported that UBIResearch announced the forecast report that at this stage to meet Apple's quality requirements of the OLED panel manufacturers only Samsung, but Apple's OLED panel orders are not expected to only under the Samsung, but will be scattered To a number of manufacturers, it is estimated that Samsung will eat 60% of orders, LG is 20-30%, the remaining will be Japan Display Inc (JDI) and Hon Hai (2317) supply, and according to sources pointed out that Hon Hai has recently to CanonTokki Purchased OLED production equipment. The

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