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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2017 LED lighting market reached 33.1 billion US dollars, LED lighting penetration rate of 52% SUMB

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-06
According to TrendForce's green energy business LEDinside latest '2017 global lighting market outlook' report pointed out that the 2016 LED lighting market size reached 29.6 billion US dollars, 2017 LED lighting market size will reach 33.1 billion US dollars, LED lighting penetration rate of 52%. Benefited from the development of regional lighting market, 2016 European LED lighting accounted for 23%, followed by North America and China. Looking ahead, the Asia Pacific lighting market is growing at the fastest pace. US lighting market strong dollar policy makes the United States LED lighting products to become the global needs of the engine, the global production of products have become relatively cheap. It is expected that this trend will still affect the US market in 2016. At the same time, in order to maintain the development of the industry, the United States is promoting the localization of LED lighting fixtures, will be better to meet the local market demand, expand the market size. The major US manufacturers are actively developing LED lighting business, LED lighting products continue to rise, LED commercial lighting / engineering lighting needs are strong in the US market. Which in turn Troffer, flat lights, tunnel lights, patio light market demand to grow the most rapid, and gradually began to intelligent and optical communications and other new applications. In addition, the four major commercial lighting markets, including plant lighting, medical lighting, marine and port lighting and intelligent lighting, are gaining market attention. Plant lighting market benefit Medical marijuana cultivation is legal, and in Colorado, Washington state open entertainment with marijuana, see this wave of gold tide of entrepreneurs and lighting system manufacturers have gearing up. Southeast Asian lighting market Southeast Asia LED lighting in recent years, strong growth, the replacement of traditional lighting efforts have gradually strengthened. Although the overall economic environment in 2015, the slowdown in growth, but the next few years, with the policy incentives and replacement needs of growth, Southeast Asia, LED lighting penetration and import scale will continue to improve, Southeast Asia is gradually becoming a Chinese manufacturer Export LED lighting products, the main destination. Australia's lighting market in Australia about 700-800 million families, the average family has 75 lampholders, as early as the beginning of the elimination of incandescent, the current products mainly to MR16 halogen lamps and traditional ceiling-based. In the pursuit of energy-saving lighting requirements, LED lighting will have more opportunities. In recent years, the Australian lighting market more and more use of filament lamp products in commercial lighting space, but also to stimulate the filament lighting OEM orders in the Chinese market. India's lighting market The development of the Indian LED industry has received the full support of the Indian government, the government from various dimensions promulgated a series of policies to support the development of the entire industry, the most important of which is the Indian National Street Light Program (SLNP) and India efficient lighting program (DELP ). In addition, in order to make multiple investment into India, the Indian government to implement LED components imported zero tariff (basic tax), to promote LED products to semi-finished products into India assembly, the development of the local market in India. LEDinside: 4Q16 Silver Level -2017 Lighting Class Packaging Market & Lighting Market Outlook Lighting Level Packaging Market - Outline 2016-2021 Lighting Level LED Package Will Be Entering Plateau and Decline High Power LED and COBLED to Meet High-End Lighting Market Competitive Advantage 2016 COB Market The scale of 580 million US dollars, 2021 will exceed 700 million US dollars 2015 top ten COBLED manufacturers global revenue ranking 2015 top ten COBLED manufacturers in China revenue ranking 2016COB manufacturers to develop finishing IESTM-30-15 in the Rf indicators have been selected into TC1 -90 plan - COB lead to high color development DLC4.0 era, demands for improvement in luminous efficiency - to generate positive positive COB product development COB / AC-COB / DOB DOB product description linear power to become the new trend of manufacturers to develop finishing 20167070LED 20165050LED manufacturers to develop global lighting market trends - outline global LED lighting market trends European lighting market trends North American lighting market trends Japan lighting market trends China's lighting market trends Southeast Asia, India and Australia lighting market trends Middle East and Africa Trends Latin American lighting market trends 2015-2021LED lighting market scale gradually increase incandescent ban policy near the end, halogen lamp out of time delay to 2018 2015-2021 global LED lighting market size and permeability estimates: regional 2015-2017 global LED lighting market size estimates: product 2016 global LED lighting products market size - the amount of the basis: regional vs product 2016 global LED lighting products market size - the number of basis: regional vs product 2017 global LED lighting products market size - the amount Fundamentals: Region vs Products 2017 Global LED lighting products market size - the number of basis: regional vs products do not lighting manufacturers strategy - outline 2015-2016 top 20 lighting revenue ranking 2015-2016 top 20 LED lighting revenue ranking 2016 -2017 Lighting Manufacturers Strategy - Engineering, Construction, Commercial Lighting Still Opportunities and Potential European Lighting Manufacturers Strategy PhilipsLighting OSRAMLichtAG Zumtobel Dialight North American Lighting Manufacturers Strategy GELighting AcuityBrands Hubbell Japan Lighting Manufacturers Strategy Panasonic Toshiba EndoLighting Iwasaki China Lighting Manufacturers Strategy Oupu Lighting Wooden Forest Ocean Flying Music If you would like to learn more about the details of the LEDinside industry report and the description of the membership report, please contact: JoanneWu (Taipei) + 886-2-8978-6488ext.912 Perry Wang (ShenZhen) + 86-755-8283-8931 Wendy Lin (Taipei) + 886-2-8978-6488ext.821

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