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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2016 US International Lighting Fair debut, the whole Han host custom lighting products SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-07
As the world's top five power plant full Han (FSP), has been in the field of LED lighting for many years, at this year's 2016 US International Lighting Fair (LFI), the whole Han will show outdoor industrial lighting, intelligent and firmware solutions And other three types of products, and intends to promote customized services in the US market. In March just ended in 2016 Germany Frankfurt Building and Lighting Fair, the whole Han launched with the European lighting manufacturers Hella with the Advanced Dimming Solution, which is the main housewives of the product, integrated smart module kit In addition to supporting the DALI 1 and DALI 2 communication protocols, the product also supports Wifi and Bluetooth, and can also use Wifi or Bluetooth to modify the firmware, change the temperature protection directly in the power module Level, or change the schedule of dimming. Quan Han is committed to the development of customized power supply module, in the European market this piece, just for the customization of products more demanding, but in the US market part of the whole Han is the main standard plus a little bit of modification; The whole Han to Hella's customization concept pushed to the US market, hoping to expand its customization products in the US market share. In addition to the advanced Dimming Solution with Hella, the entire Han is also the first time in the United States to display in line with the United States Unisys International Safety Certification (UL) Class 2 Power Units specifications of the outdoor industrial lighting products, the whole LED sector project manager Zheng Mingxiang Said that this product compared with other similar products, have a higher degree of reliability, and the use of time and efficiency are longer. The whole Han in the LFI will also display the standard firmware solution, front-end with Bluetooth, back-end with DALI, the use of the whole development of the app can be linked with the back-end gateway, gateway will message Through the DALI spread to the driver, and then control the lamp. LED lighting technology is now relatively mature, in the face of digital era, many lighting manufacturers will focus on the wisdom of lighting products and control areas, the whole body of its own body quite diverse, full Han LED manager Chen Guanbin said, Hope that through the advanced R & D capabilities, LED Recessed Spotlight the Han to the digital surface, and the pursuit of lighting more efficient, lower wattage and higher lumens. The

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