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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2016 small pitch LED outbreak of the industry giants how to take the initiative? SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-07
After two or three years of brewing bedding, small spacing LED is expected to usher in the 2016 burst period. First of all, small-distance LED in the domestic market of government agencies, military security, radio and television, video conferencing and other fields have set a number of benchmarking cases, to the industry users to show a complete patch wall seamless solution, to a certain extent And their support from the policy: part of the government procurement directory has been canceLED Recessed Spotlight DLP products. Foreign exhibitors on display of small spacing LED products Second, the overseas market has been given practical action to give a small distance LED full acceptance. Some of Europe and the United States have been the integration of small Chinese-made products used in studios, shopping centers, gymnasium and other places. Samsung, Panasonic, NEC, Philips and other electronic giants through OEM or independent production of the way into the field. The United States NBC with a small pitch LED live Rio Olympic Games Finally, double years is the sport year, 2016 European Cup and the Summer Olympics are approaching, in addition to the race itself requires a lot of high-definition LED display, in addition, in order to provide better Live experience, the studio upgrade will give LED small gap display the opportunity to bring out. Listed companies a quarterly earnings report from the data to support the above view from the LED display listed companies in the first quarter of this year's performance report is expected in 2016, a small gap between the overall sales will have a greater breakthrough. Riad signed a small margin in the first quarter of 284 million yuan, an increase of 155.86% over the same period last year. Abby in the first quarter to achieve orders of about 103 million yuan, an increase of about 86%. Alto Electronics first quarter LED display products export contract orders have reached 19.4 million US dollars, most of which are high-density LED products, more than the sum of the year 2015. In the face of the prospects of the market, the industry giants how to layout? Chau Ming Technology: the first developed and mass production 1.00mm following small spacing products The first small-pitch products for the independent workshop and automation line production and the United States MatrixVisual, Germany eyevis established cooperation Relationship Huizhou Daya Bay, Shenzhen Pingshan two bases with a small pitch capacity of 20,000 square meters per month Abby: 2014 set up a small pitch Division N series of small pitch products focus on the layout of the first overseas business areas to publish the wall before the maintenance of the wall before the maintenance of small flat Span development for the advertising market with interactive, virtual imaging capabilities of the LED mirror display Liyad: R & D 'small pitch AR display system', the layout of the theme park VR commercial large application of small distance Liyad, Jin Lixiang double Brand operation, the former model for the direct sales, the latter for the channel sales Alto Electronics: 2014 release P1 indoor small spacing and P3 outdoor small pitch with 8K, 24bit, HDR high dynamic range performance of small pitch products.

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