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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2016 International IoT Automotive Optoelectronic Technology Trends Forum - Intelligent Headlamp Des

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-07
2016 Taipei International Optoelectronics Week will be held from June 15 to 17, 2009, at the Hong Kong World Trade Center in Taipei. This year, with the strong support of the optoelectronic industry, we will combine the well-known societies, guilds and industry alliances to promote the International Optoelectronic Exhibition , Flat panel display, LED lighting exhibition, precision optics exhibition, solar photovoltaic exhibition, as well as nano-technology and other 6 exhibition, and the development of automotive optoelectronics, Health, 3D printing, prospective academic, laser and vacuum technology , Together with the same period held in the plant factory exhibition, optoelectronics technology not only spans agriculture, medical, traditional industries, but also to catch the Internet of things and automotive optoelectronic cross-field train, can be seen Taipei International Optoelectronics Week and industry is ongoing Metamorphosis. 2016 International IoT Automotive Optoelectronic Technology Trends Forum held in June 15-16, 2016, combined with the Internet of things and automotive optoelectronic market, to explore the future development of the automotive market. (All pictures Source: LEDinside) 2016 International IoT Automotive Optoelectronic Technology Trends Forum held in June 15-16, 2016, combined with the Internet of things and automotive optoelectronics market, to explore the future development of the automotive market. Mr. Zhang Yongpeng, general manager of Taiwan's Caiguang Technology, said that the smart headlights introduced in the high-end models, the new enhanced self-adaptive high beam system, with active steering lighting, turning auxiliary lighting, rural roads, highways and thick Fog mode, the unique shading function can block the light from the opposite or the same direction of the vehicle. Matrix LED headlamps by a combination of several LED, to individual light, so can be adjusted by individual lighting, to avoid the impact of the car has been dangerous. Texas Instruments DLP technology used in the wisdom of the headlights. The DMD's function is not only available in any driving situation, but also in front of the front to make a variety of high-resolution graphics instructions, such as: combined with the navigation system, in advance when the projection of the 'arrow' Pattern, guide the direction of driving; or to remind the moment of the important traffic number. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors AllenZhu said, whether it is matrix LED headlamps or DLP technology, intelligent headlights for the driver to bring security and comfort, the future is still the main LED package. Future headlights product requirements, in the past five years using three LED can reach 1000lm. High-resolution products include DLP and MicroAFS, which are currently under development. Light guide daytime running lights in the entire light guide with the diffusion plate, also makes the corresponding use of LED products require higher luminous flux. Finally, OSRAM refers to the SyniosP2720 product family, which includes three chip sizes, with a length of 500μm, 750μm and 1mm, respectively, and offers white, yellow, yellow, red and super red in different colors. SYNIOSP2720 product family light source with a small size and scalable packaging concept, to give designers and engineers greater freedom of design: the package size of 2.7mmx2.0mmx0.6mm, can be equipped with different sizes and colors of the various wafers; used Of the materials with high reliability and high temperature loop stability; they have been carefully designed to meet the requirements of automotive lighting applications; In addition, these components are used SMT design, suitable for standard technology. SyniosP2720 can also be used with FR4, to achieve heat management. Gu Yiuhong, director of the vehicle research and testing center, referred to the headlamps compliance performance requirements, including mechanical and visual / optical. Mechanical sighting for the marked text, according to the point can be raised, level or other by the depot or lamp manufacturers for easy identification of the logo; visual / optical exposure for the beam near the beam and high beam light type For calibration positioning. In the European regulations of the lamp regulations, to ECER6 direction lights, type 5/6, and type 1 / 1a / 1b and 2a / 2b together with the installation of the vehicle side of the auxiliary direction of light. (Text: LEDinsideJoanne).

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