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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2016 Guangzhou Design Week hit: Manjia US lighting 'gluttonous feast' eye-catching SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-06
Design Dafa share classic lighting case, DIALux design course free study, numerous business, office space lighting problems new solution display. This is December 20, December 2, 2004 in Guangzhou Design Week, Manchester United for the guests presented the 'gluttonous feast.' This field 'feast', the overall division is divided into five regions, showing a variety of new inventions and technology products. Speech and audience area, scenario area, bar area, negotiation area, cold display area. Speech and the audience area, showing the Dimto Warm (warm) series LED AR111 reflector, 2800K-1800K color temperature and 100-10% dimming interval, can create a real-time real light effect atmosphere; smart intelligence lighting series LEDPAR16 Reflector, bulb and downlight, easy to control, make your life more convenient and convenient; there are color up to Ra95 LED MR16 reflector, and specifically to solve the office type of space lighting glare LED lights. Brilliant Tone Series LED MR16 Reflector - Jewelery Show Contrast Area; High Degree of Protection DINO Series Lamps - Garage Display Area; In addition, it is also available. Simulation of the high-end clothing store window design, the use of the United States and the United States and the United States and LED-integrated lights, high color performance LED lights and merchandise lights and LED filament lamp. The scene patterns are showing extraordinary lighting effects, attracting visitors from different industries stop to watch. MEGA US LED integrated track lighting with 12 ° beam angle LED MR16 reflector and LED economic line bubble, 'achievements' of the bar area warm and comfortable lighting efficiency. As for the regional division of the merchandise display, wine cabinet area, are used Manjia US LED lights and LED lights with. Distributed soft light effect, coupLED Recessed Spotlight with ultra-high color performance, so that display products more vibrant, eye-catching. Cold display display area, there are five different sizes of the grid. So that visitors can look at and observe the appearance of various types of products, Including a series of best-selling products such as LED AR111 / PAR16 / MR16 reflector, filament lamp, silver crown lamp, lamp, lamp, light bar, downlight and track lamp. In order to allow more interior designers to understand the contents of the lighting design, the show, Megaman invited the world's most well-known lighting industry design software SUMBAO Lighting, is also the partner of Manchester United US DIAL SUMBAO Lighting to help out, by the DIAL International Business Asian District Leader - DIALux Course Instructor, provides designers with a two-day design training entitLED Recessed Spotlight 'Digital Simulation of Natural and Artificial Light'. In addition, Megaman also work together 'cloud light' held a 'lighting designer sharing', and designers and friends to discuss how to use the light to create a theme consistent with the design of the scene. Exhibition site popular popular, many interior designers actively exchange questions, lecturers are patient to answer. 'I am delighted to be able to provide a platform for the exchange of designers, and I believe there will be more similar opportunities for communication,' said Mr. Guan Zhongwen, General Manager of Megaman (China). (advertising).

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