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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2015LED all industry chain analysis: the upper and lower reaches of each have focused SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-08
Organized by the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Taiwan International Lighting Show 2015, jointly organized by the Taiwan Foreign Trade Association and the Association of Illuminating Arts, came to the date of March 25 (Wednesday) to 28 (VI) And 'LED Taiwan 2015' in the South Harbor Exhibition Hall on the 4th floor of the exhibition, the two exhibitions from 10 countries exhibitors, a total of 337 manufacturers, the use of 898 booths, the scale of the exhibition a new high. It is the lighting industry's annual event and the largest lighting application, product and technology procurement. It is a kind of equipment and materials, LED device technology and lighting application and lamp, Event, the content can be wonderful! The following LEDinside from equipment materials to lighting products tour, a brief introduction to the LED industry market trends Sapphire equipment and materials: exchange rate and cost of war still depends on the quality and efficiency of the outcome of both the LED and non-LED market demand, sapphire equipment and materials manufacturers To large size trends, Monocrystal introduced 140 kilograms of crystal, and the goal of the product into the mainstream production to improve efficiency. Good physique PSS manufacturers, including Ruijie, Zhaoyuan, Dongguan in the Jia, Huashun also completed by the end of this year to expand this year, in response to LED chip market demand. In addition, in addition to LED application market, the handheld application device also continues to be the focus of attention, trillion and Ruijie have shown sapphire protection screen products, challenge the needs of mobile phone SUMBAO Brand Lighting manufacturers. Thermal insulation: Dow Corning organic silicon material helps improve LED lighting design and performance New LED lighting design must provide higher lumen density and functionality, tolerate a wider temperature range, simplifies lamp assembly, and more to help new The rapid infiltration of a generation of lighting systems reduces product weight and cost. For packaging applications, Dow Corning has introduced a phosphor patch for CSP products, providing design flexibility, improving the uniformity of the phosphor, and improving the cost of packaging beyond the cost of packaging. Lighting assembly, Dow Corning launched anti-drop coating, when the lighting products by improper external force (earthquake) fall, the shell will not fall because of the scattered, resulting in personal injury, in addition to light and light guide function, more responsive Special light distribution requirements, this product can be used in commercial lighting and automotive lighting in the field. Industrial lighting market will become the 2015-2016 LED packaging and lighting manufacturers compete for the focus of LED energy-saving effect allows industrial lighting under long-term use, more cost than home lighting recycling competitiveness, more incentives to promote the industry to replace the LED Patio light products. In addition, LED lighting products to enhance the performance and further reduce the price, coupLED Recessed Spotlight with the advantages of industrial lighting products more advantages, industrial lighting market will be 2015-2016 LED packaging and lighting manufacturers compete for the focus. South Asia photoelectric that the product after use, have the opportunity to improve; nearly four years accumulated many customers inside and outside the use of performance, through a rigorous market view and challenges, refining the quality of cheap product positioning. South Asia Optoelectronics in 2012 plans to move towards the field of industrial lighting market development, patio lamp products cover 140W-250W to provide different illumination and brightness space requirements, applications, including parking and storage space; explosion-proof lights also have pressure and explosion characteristics, and To be used in their own petrochemical plants. At the same time, the use of Formosa Plastics Group resources in Taiwan, a considerable number of factories, in addition to petrochemical industry, but also across the textile, electronic high-tech, power generation, steel, hospitals, health villages and other fields, South Asia photoelectric lighting solutions for the main provider, Production lines and office lighting, shopping malls lighting, street lamps and outdoor lighting, a few years down, in time and weather under the test, access to cost-effective evaluation. South Asia photoelectric companies adhere to the principle of TOTAL SOLUTION, to provide one-stop service. In addition, the exhibition can be seen in South Asia DLC bulbs, energy star standards and achieve the whole week, with light weight product design. Billion photoelectron and Delta Electronics at the same time show indoor commercial lighting, outdoor parking and street lamp product program, a full range of lighting solutions to provide the best market solutions. Evergreen in the street, the display of a new generation of intelligent dolphin lights and victory street lamp series, beautiful appearance, good performance, respectively, won the 2012 and 2013 Taiwan Excellence Award certainly adhere to Taiwan manufacturing, and import 'intelligent lighting system services' to The street light monitoring module regularly transmits the street light information with the cloud system, realizes the streetlight monitoring service initiative, the street lamp status and the fault information display information, etc. It is expected to reduce the trouble time of the street lamp and improve the public to be informed if the government unit needs to be informed Stereotyped passive impression, to enhance the overall public satisfaction for street lighting. This intelligent street lamp can also use colorful LED to change the appearance of the lamp color, according to different environmental festive needs, set different shape tone control effect. 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