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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2015 Hurun list: Mu Lin Sen Sun Qinghuan summit of the richest man in Zhongshan SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-07
According to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported that recently, Hurun Research Institute released '2015 Hurun list' (H urunR ichList2015), 1877 assets of over 2 billion yuan on the rich list. Reporters found that Zhongshan list of individuals or families have 11, of which 4 people for the '70', the wood Lin Sen head Sun Qinghuan for the first time among the Hurun list of the richest man in Zhongshan. Wealth is the sum of last year, more than twice the income of Zhongshan this year is the Hurun Institute since 1999 for the seventeenth consecutive release of 'Hurun Rich List.' The threshold for three consecutive years to maintain 2 billion yuan, according to statistics, Guangdong has 353 list of entrepreneurs, an increase of 123 last year, is still the largest establishment of corporate headquarters areas. From the point of view of the birthplace of entrepreneurs, there are 212 people from Guangdong, ranked second in the country, second only to Zhejiang. Headquarters enterprises in Zhongshan, there are 11 rich, in addition to Zhongshan Ocean Electric Lu Chu Ping, Peng Hui couple, Da Hua smart Cai Xiaoru, in the Shun Jie soft Deng Yingzhong family, the other eight are new list of Regal, including woods Sun Qinghuan, Quan Tong education Chen Changchang, Lin Xiaoya couple, Ming Yang electrical Zhang Chuanwei, wisdom Song Germany's Guo Jing Song, Zhang Xiaoling couple, Evergreen He Qijiang, Guo Miao Bo couple, Evergreen Ma Zhenghui, ocean motor Lu Sanping, ocean motor Of Xu Haiming. On the list to see, Ocean Electric created three Regal, Evergreen created two rich. According to the public information query, 4 people for the '70', respectively, Sun Qinghuan, Chen Chi Chang, Lin Xiaoya couple, Cai Xiaoru. According to the reporter found that these wealthy enterprises are listed companies, in addition to Mingyang Electric, the rest of the enterprises are listed in the domestic A shares. We can see these rich in the bull market is also beneficiaries. The sum of 11 wealthy sums totaLED Recessed Spotlight $ 67.9 billion, 2.7 times the income of Zhongshan last year, more than 1/5 of last year's GD P in Zhongshan. Sun Qinghuan first list Serve Zhongshan 'richest man' Sun Qinghuan is the hands of the wood Lin Sen, born in 1973, college degree. In 1997, he founded Zhongshan Mulin Sen, has served as executive director of the SUMBAO Lighting, general manager and other staff. Since July 2010, he has been the chairman and general manager of the first board of directors of the Company. Woodlin's main business is LED packaging and application of product development, production and sales. The SUMBAO Lighting listed on February 17 this year, the issue price of 21.50 yuan / share, after the listing price has doubLED Recessed Spotlight in February, yesterday received 31.66 yuan / share. In the wood Linsen shares listed on the appreciation meeting, crystal yuan photoelectric chairman Li Bingjie said, now the wood forest is 'Garnett'. Query the rich list, Sun Qinghuan first entry list, is the new list of Hurun list. However, no Ming has been a blockbuster, Sun Qinghuan successfully squeezed last year, the richest man Lu Chuping couple, among the new richest in Zhongshan, Hurun Rich in the list ranked 162, wealth of 15.5 billion. And Lu Chu Ping, Peng Hui couple to 13 billion yuan ranked second. However, this year the wealth of the two of them grew 155% year on year, while the rankings in Hurun Report also rose, ranking 220, more than last year, 181. According to Ocean News released three quarterly, the SUMBAO Lighting's first three quarters operating income of 3.546 billion yuan, an increase of 6.58%; net profit of 239 million yuan, an increase of 7.6%. For more information on LED, please click on China LED Network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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