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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2015, how a bad word had SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-07
Guzhen Ping An 2015 ... ... lighting business is not good to do! Small boss in the worry, the boss in the very big boss biting his teeth! This is the boss to do the light of the 2015, alas ... ... said more tears are ... ... night, her husband lying on the bed of his wife said that this year the poor people crazy ......... that is too good The. Twenty thousand five years, all walks of life difficult to make money, not alarm and danger, listen to me slowly said: leading business real estate, this year is very ugly death, repair tall buildings nobody wants to force the boss to Jump down. Wealthy boss to buy a derrick, this year to worry about the whole climb, invest in the tens of millions, all put down to see; look at the coal mine boss, everyone around the waist, this year's coal business rotten, skull out like black carbon. Transport industry downturn, are roaring no business, driving thousands of miles to pay the freight, not enough fuel tolls. In recent years the supermarket people crowded, this year's business is not OK, do not believe you see the cash register, most of the time to suspend the card. The major hotels is even worse, in front of cold customers less, one day Misato can not mix, to look forward to the meal package. Luxury hotel was not, three days without a person, and occasionally to stay overnight, the boss personally bed sheets. Look at the labor field everywhere, dry rounds of work in previous years, this year is also a kind, make a bunch of playing mahjong. We look at the repair shop, up to stand two or three, repair workers oil clothes, relying on the roots of the sun. Said auto parts does not affect, in fact, do not understand this line, from the early dusk two busy, can not afford to smoke that hibiscus king. Farmers are not strong brothers, most of the income by Apple, this year are not enough, Apple prices fell wood asked. Wage earners more bad, less bonuses less labor insurance, rely on that point of death wages, spent but also to pay the old. Do not cry, hold on! The boss do not cry when you can get wages every month employees should thank your boss, especially the two years. You may not know that when you go to work to play mobile phone, your boss is anxious; you may not know that you look forward to pay when your boss is on the next IOU signature. Now the boss, many face financial pressure, operating difficulties, the risk of collapse. When the shipwrecked, the most unlucky is the captain, the crew can escape, but the captain was reluctant to his boat! He does not require you to live with the ship, only to do their own work inside This year is a bit strange, we all say the new normal, I hope all the bad habits change, everyone has a good future! Do lighting life is not easy, brothers, whether you are the staff or the boss, 2015 must hold on! For more information on LED, please click on China LED Network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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