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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2015 global LED output value of 14.325 billion US dollars, the annual decline of 3% SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-08
TrendForce's Green Energy Business Unit LEDinside latest report pointed out that in 2015 the global LED (including visible and invisible LED) industry output for the first time a recession, to 14.325 billion US dollars, the annual recession of 3%. The main reason from the LED manufacturers bargain competition, resulting in some mainstream specifications LED average price decline of up to 40% or more; and a strong appreciation of the dollar also makes many LED manufacturers converted into dollars after the recession. LEDinside research association in the super said that the negative growth in output in 2015, several main reasons are as follows: 1.LED technology to enhance the use of reduced number of use. Such as TV backlight With the introduction of LED technology, LED backlight number can be further reduced. 2. The rise of alternative technology. OLED panel technology tends to mature, more and more mobile phone manufacturers want to be differentiated into the OLED panel. As the OLED panel with self-luminous characteristics, and does not require LED backlight, so the smart phone backlight applications due to the rise of OLED technology and gradually replaced. 3. oversupply. As the overall industry oversupply, overcapacity, resulting in intense price competition, as LED lighting applications, although the use of the number continues to grow, but the price decline in the overall output growth rate slowed down. Storage in the super said, 2016 LED overall demand will continue to grow. In addition to LED backlight applications due to OLED panel rise of the technology to replace, resulting in the use of the number of decline, the general lighting, automotive lighting and display applications such as the number is still in growth. On the other hand, due to supply and demand gap is not yet balanced, 2016 LED price competition pressure continues to exist. However, over the past year due to excessive price competition among LED manufacturers, making many LED products have shown a loss of sale, or even close to the cash cost of the state, so the price decline has been relatively limited space. The mainstream application of kinetic energy slowdown, LED industry ended more than a decade of high-speed growth Review of LED industry development history, has always been showing a high growth trend. With a variety of different applications to push up the needs of LED industry, including mobile phone keyboard and screen backlight, TV backlight, and even the rise of smart phones and tablet PCs, and LED lighting penetration of the popularity. LEDinside statistics, over the past decade the overall LED industry, the average annual compound growth rate of about 20% to 30%, but negative output growth in 2015, the main reason for the decline or the growth of the mainstream application of the slowdown. The

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