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Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO 2015 China LED first prize to attract domestic and foreign manufacturers compete for competition SU

by:SUMBAO     2017-10-08
Technology Daily News, April 23, 2015 China LED first prize selection results in 2015LED cross-border innovation Beijing Forum announced and held a grand awards ceremony. By the China Lighting Society, CSA guidance, China Lighting Society Semiconductor Lighting Technology and Application Committee hosted the second session of the 2015 China LED first prize selection, is designed to recognize China's LED industry for the first time innovation and independent innovation made outstanding contributions Of the enterprises and individuals and the establishment of the annual awards, calLED Recessed Spotlight innovation to lead the development of industry benchmark. Up to now, after the special committee screening check, CREE, Wansheng Technology, Ruifeng photoelectric, cross-strait photoelectric, crystal shares, Smai was photoelectric, bright business (LumiLED Recessed Spotlights), easy to the United States, Photoelectric, grid days photoelectric and other dozens of enterprises to bring the first technology or product shortlisted 2015 China LED first prize selection, into the expert review committee review stage, competition package 2015 China LED first prize award honor. In recent years, China has gradually become the world's LED packaging device manufacturing center, there are research institutions statistics, the current number of LED packaging enterprises in China more than a thousand, the market competition is fierce. The so-calLED Recessed Spotlight 'good warriors, because of its potential and the benefit of', in the face of the increasingly fierce survival and competition, many companies to actively strengthen product development, packaging technology and materials continue to adopt differentiated products and market segments strategic innovation and development. China LED first prize to encourage enterprises to diverge thinking, hope that enterprises in product development and application of pioneering and innovation, alternative and beyond, cross-border and integration, as a good product, advanced technology awarded the title of gold, for the strong R & D enterprises and actively promote Innovative individuals awarded the first enterprise award and the first character award honor, so as to promote China's LED industry to complete the evolution of technology and rapid development. Shortlisted packaging category 2015 China LED first prize selection of enterprises will be reviewed by the expert review committee, decided to final 2015 China LED first prize bonus ownership. For more information on LED, please click on China LED Network or focus on WeChat public account (cnLED Recessed Spotlightw2013).

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