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WEYES to SUMBAO visit and interview


The first China foreign trade network marketing brand WEYES to SUMBAO visit and interview on December 3, 2014. WEYES has focused on foreign trade internet marketing for 10 years, offering the service of setting up foreign trade marketing website, Google advertisement, Yandex advertisement, and mobile advertisement, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Pinterest Foreign Marketing Medium for foreign trade companies.

SUMBAO and WEYES try to cooperation use a new way, SUMBAO LED Shop Lights want to use WEYES professionalism, with the help of the Internet network marketing strategic cooperation in all directions, and make SUMBAO towards internationalization. This cooperation establishes foundation on foreign trade marketing for SUMBAO.

LED Shop Lights manager

LED Shop Light wholesaler

SUMBAO hope cooperation with WEYES can make SUMBAO better. Thank WEYES for visit.

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