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Trust -worthy Products and Service

河北省张家口市华耐家居广场掌上明珠家居吴建设总经理.jpgTrust -worthy Products and Service

I have been selling furniture more than ten years, I didnt pay much attention on the influence of lightings to the furniture sales until recent years. With fierce competition in this field, the stores around us began to focus on store decoration and lighting fixture upgrading. Under this pressure, I had to upgrade the shop lighting environment in our store. It was really a wise and right decision to choose SUMBAO professional LED lightings. Before the shop opening, SUMBAO arranged engineers to help us on how to adjust lighting effects according different furniture type and color. Their technician taught our shop manager hand in hand on how to achieve the best lighting effect and the relevant matters needing attention.
SUMBAO provide the perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service; make
us stay away from troubles. SUMBAO lighting service is considerate, saved us a lot of trouble.

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