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TEBO is a comprehensive enterprise home to several family-oriented software , compatible plate Suite series , guest bedroom home encompasses all products adhere to the " people-oriented, create a high quality of life " design philosophy . TEBO sofa and fashion standards , avant-garde bold use of color , full of rich romanticism , accurate positioning , leading the trend, become the industry leader.
TEBO series of colored fabric sofa, is a masterpiece emperor marked success in the software industry, the overall appearance of the product lines smooth and full, stylish simplicity , bold use of color is the biggest highlight of the product . Modern minimalist design space , neat, colorful choice of soft furnishings and products echoes. In rich colors and saturation of space, the quality of the lighting requirements more stringent , commercial lighting designer treasure through experience , to accurately determine the relationship between different color temperature and color , especially in the United States Corey chose high color the chip , the choice of high color temperature lights and products, accurate restore product color , creating a clean and transparent lighting environment ; control lamps reasonable amount and irradiation position to control the environment overall illumination , the use of accent lighting the way , the entire space chiaroscuro obviously, personalized fashion , layered, to create a living culture full of vitality .
For a variety of colors and saturation of fabric products , not only to choose the appropriate color temperature , but also to choose the color of a relatively high -known brand chip , better color reduction products , could truly create a brilliant experience stylish home environment customers living in them , with interest .

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