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TAIZI is a primarily furniture upholstered furniture brand heritage of national culture to thrive , spread a happy family life for the vision , to build an international household brand with national heritage and play in nature. Prince product variety, 10 series covers Kewo various products , selling more than 10 years the classic series . Prince in the store design originality, style and space to create a hard-mounted atmosphere for each series of products are tailor , old and new products compatible with each time period.
Ohno soft bed with an example. Products for the modern fashion leather soft bed , beautiful and full, rich colors, with warm modern minimalist style echoes the design space .
Warm and stylish space environment , abandoned the cumbersome wall decoration , using a small amount of refined and elegant jewelry embellishment . Wanted to create a warm , stylish and well-being space with a family atmosphere, lighting will play an important role. Suppliers treasure uphold professional lighting design rigorous style, through repeated testing , just the right illumination accurate indicators of different space needs , a careful analysis of the various changes in the relationship between light and between different materials and colors , chose the United States CREE high color color chips. Warm colors create a warm space atmosphere temperature is killer , but also reflects the delicate texture of leather . Prince consider market position and brightness of the demand for the product itself , a reasonable distribution of designer lamps, lamp power control unit , in order to avoid energy waste ; choose a small angle as accent lighting fixtures , space chiaroscuro obvious layering ; based stores people flowing lines, the designers strictly control the installation location and direction of light projection lamps , to avoid glare, causing discomfort to the customer .
TAIZI stores nationwide , has selected
SUMBAO LED lighting two years, and in the supermarkets perfect realization of the Prince family spread happiness will. Marketplace transparent and bright lights , layered, overall illumination control and reasonable in light environments to meet customer comfort.
Every reasonable lighting design is by the results of scientific computing software to calculate DIALUX learned and determined , while complying with the requirements of scientific lighting design should always adhere to meet customer comfort in a light environment , this is the real design people-oriented .


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