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SUMBAO Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO lighting LED lights and its principle of the top ten features

by:SUMBAO     2017-11-12

The LED lamp is a chip of electroluminescent semiconductor material. The LED lamp is cured with silver glue or white glue onto the bracket, and then the chip and the circuit board are connected with a silver wire or a gold wire, seaLED Recessed Spotlight with epoxy resin around, To protect the LED core light inside the role of the final installation of the shell, so the seismic performance of LED lights.

LED lights principle

 LED lamp is composed of two parts of the semiconductor chip, LED light is part of the P-type semiconductor, which occupy the dominant hole in the LED light, the other end of the LED light is N-type semiconductor, mainly electronic here. However, when the two LED lamps are connected together, a P-N junction is formed between them. When the LED light current through the wires act on the LED chip, the electrons will be pushed to the P zone, in the P zone, the LED lamp electron recombination with holes, then the LED lamp will emit energy in the form of photons, which is LED Light glowing principle. The LED light wavelength is the color of light, LED light is formed by the P-N junction material.

LED light features

 1, LED lamp voltage: LED lights use low-voltage power supply, LED lamp power supply voltage between 6-24V, depending on the product, so the LED light is a more secure than the use of high-voltage power supply, LED lights are particularly suitable for public place.

 2, the performance of LED lights: LED lights consume more energy than incandescent light 80%

 3, the applicability of LED lights: LED light is very small, each LED lamp unit LED chip is 3-5mm square, so LED lights can be prepared into various shapes of devices, and LED lights suitable for volatile environments

 4, the stability of LED lights: LED lights use 100,000 hours, light failure as the initial LED lights 50%

 5, LED lamp response time: The incandescent lamp response time of milliseconds, LED lamp response time of nanoseconds

 6, LED lights on the environment pollution: LED lights without harmful metal mercury

 7, the color of LED lights: LED lights can change the current can change color, light-emitting diodes easily through chemical modification methods, adjust the energy band structure of LED lights and bandgap, blue and orange LED lights to achieve multi-color orange light. If the LED lights a small current red LED, LED lights with the current increase, LED lights turn into orange, yellow, and finally green

 8, the price of LED lights: LED lights are more expensive, relative to the incandescent lamp, the price of several incandescent lamps and LED lights can be about the same price, and usually the LED lights for each group by 300 ~ 500 LED lights Light diode composition.

 9, LED lamp driver: The LED lamp can be driven by using low-voltage direct current. The LED lamp has the advantages of small load and weak interference. The LED lamp has low requirements for the use environment

 10, high color LED lights: high color LED lights, LED lights will not cause harm to the human eye

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