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SUMBAO What are the reasons LED lamp is damaged by the LED lamp? SUMBAO Shop Lights show

by:SUMBAO     2017-11-12

REVIEW: LED lights As a new type of lighting, people's lives can not be separated from him, but the reason why LED lamp shell and LED lights are damaged is not necessarily understood. Now I will introduce.

LED lamp shell with:

LED lights are efficient, environmentally friendly, long life characteristics. However, people often use LED lights will find that, due to the brightness of LED is particularly large, it is easy to make the light into heat, making the LED light is very hot. At this time, if the LED can not dissipate as soon as possible, its life will be greatly reduced.

Many LED manufacturers use aluminum housing for LED lights. Aluminum case easy to heat, beautiful appearance, light weight, a lot of high-end electronic products are made of aluminum. For example, the SUMBAO Lighting's laptop " Mac Pro " The high-end PC family features an all-aluminum housing for easy laptop cooling so that the computer does not even have fans instalLED Recessed Spotlight.

LED lamp with aluminum case can increase the life of the wick so that the LED lamp looks beautiful. However, the cost of aluminum light cup is more expensive, the production cost is very high, and the light cup needs lathe for processing. So, some high-quality, medium-quality LED lamps will use aluminum lamp housing.

Another common type of LED lamp housing is a plastic housing. Due to the low cost of plastic shell, some low-end LED lamps will use plastic shell. But the plastic shell is not easy to heat, the plastic is also easy to melt when heated, sublimation produces harmful gases. Therefore, Europe, North America, Japan do not use plastic case. As part of the domestic demand for large quantities of cheap LED lights, plastic shell sales in the country a lot.

What are the reasons LED lights are damaged:

1. The current voltage is unstable, the power supply voltage is particularly vulnerable to the destruction of LED lights, the voltage suddenly increased for many reasons, the power quality problems, or improper use of users and so may make the power supply Power supply voltage suddenly increased.

2. Local short-circuit in the lamp's power supply path, which usually results from a component in the line, or shorting of other leads, to increase the voltage at this location.

3. It may also be LED lamps because of their own quality causes damage and thus form a short circuit, it is the original voltage drop passed on to other LED.

4 lamp cooling effect is not good, we all know that lamp is a light-emitting heat process, if the lamp temperature is too high, it is easy to make the deterioration of the characteristics of the LED. This is also easy to cause damage to LED lights.

5. There may also be water inside the lamp, because the water is conductive, so that it will short circuit the LED lamps.

6. The assembly did not do a good job of anti-static work, so that the internal LED lights have been hurt by the static electricity. Although the application of the normal voltage and current values, but also extremely easy to cause damage to LED lights.

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