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SUMBAO Shop Lights show LED lights with how to install LED lights with the fault how to rule out

by:SUMBAO     2017-11-10

REVIEW: light strip, is the abbreviation of LED light strip, most people say is not used when the term is too long, so the front of the LED to the omitted, directly calLED Recessed Spotlight the light strip. LED lights with daily life is still relatively common, I will introduce you to introduce you how to install LED lights and LED lights with the failure of how to rule out.

LED lights with how to install:

1, indoor installation: LED lights for interior decoration, because do not have to withstand the wind and rain, so the installation is very simple. Behind each LED light strip are affixed There are self-adhesive double-sided adhesive, the installation can be directly torn double-sided adhesive sticker on the surface, and then the LED lights fixed in the need to install the place, hand-pressed just fine. As for some places need corner or how long The operation is very simple, LED lights with a 3 LED as a series of parallel-series circuit structure, each of the 3 LED can be cut off alone.

2, outdoor installation: outdoor installation as it will withstand the wind and rain, if the use of 3M glue fixed, over time will result in 3M adhesive and lead to LED lights off, so often used outdoor installation card slot fixed way. Need to cut and connect the place, the same method and indoor installation, but need to be equipped with waterproof plastic, in order to consolidate the waterproof effect of the connection point.

3, the power connection method: LED lights with a general voltage DC 12V, so the need to use the switching power supply, the size of the power LED lights with the power and connection Length to set. If you do not want each LED strip with a power supply to control, you can buy a relatively large power switching power supply for the total power supply, and then all the LED lights with the input power in parallel (wire The size is not enough, then you can extend the other), unified by the main switch power supply. This advantage can be centralized control, inconvenient place is not able to achieve a single LED light with the lighting effect and switch control, which specifically used Ways to measure by their own way.

4, the controller connection: LED marquees and RGB full-color lights need to use the controller to achieve the changing effect, and each controller's control distance is different, a In general, the simple controller control distance of 10 to 15 meters, the remote control of the control distance of 15 to 20 meters, the longest can be controlLED Recessed Spotlight to 30 meters distance. If the LED lights with a longer connection distance, while the controller Can not control that long LED lights, then you need to use the power amplifier to tap.

5, pay attention to the connection distance of LED lights: In general, 3528 series of LED lights, the connection distance of up to 20 meters, 5050 series of LED lights With the longest connection distance of 15 meters. If you exceed the connection distance, the LED lamp is easy to heat, the use of the process will affect the life of the LED lamp. Therefore, the installation must be in accordance with the manufacturers Requires installation, should not allow LED lights with overload operation.

LED lights with the fault how to rule out:

does not light the reason

1, Flexible LED lights with imperfect packaging and protection, resulting in the transport process by the impact of lamp beads damaged.

2, flexible LED lamp with solder joints Weld phenomenon, the process of vibration caused by the solder joints off LED Recessed Spotlight lights with not bright.

3, flexible LED light with less solder, solder joints easily fall off

4, Flexible LED lamp with poor solder quality, LED flexible lamp with bending process prone to brittle bursts, off phenomenon

5, LED flexible lamp bending angle is too large when instalLED Recessed Spotlight, resulting in LED flexible lamp with solder joints and copper separation caused by not bright

6, Flexible LED lamp with excessive extrusion products instalLED Recessed Spotlight, resulting in damage to the flexible LED lights with the chip or solder off the deformation off

7, flexible LED light circuit board solder mask is too thick, soldering and solder circuit boards can not be fully integrated together, but also a Weld phenomenon.

8, flexible LED lights with the installation can not be distorted, if twisted, then it will cause the flexible LED lights with solder joints off and lead to not bright.

9, static burn, because the LED is electrostatic sensitive components, there is no lack of static protection measures, it will lead to chip burn.

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