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SUMBAO Lighting Year-end Bonus



The traditional Chinese New Year is coming and this means a year is over and every worker will be off and goes home for the New Year holiday. SUMBAO Lighting just held a rewarding meeting to grant year-end bonus to all the staff.

In 2016, under the leading of general manager Tiger Liu, and with the hard work of all the staff, SUMBAO Lighting achieved great success in the relatively severe economic environment.

As General Manager Tiger Liu pointed that Year-end bonus is granted according to the working performance and working time of every employee. Every hard working staff and worker with outstanding performance deserves this reward. Annual bonus is also to encourage our members to work hard and achieve greater success in the coming 2017.

He also suggests the workers that they should give these bonus to their parents, It’s their parents supporting the home and looking after the children to let them work without distraction. So your parents deserve to be rewarded. This is a way to show filial piety and return parents’ kindness.

This is really an exciting and warming moment for every worker. SUMBAO people are more positive, closely united to strive for a prosperous tomorrow.

On the occasion of the coming New Year, SUMBAO wishes all our clients, partners, all the staff and their family a happy new year, all the best, good health and a prosperous business.


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