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SUMBAO LED installation tips and the attention of the problem Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-11-11

Guide: LED display how to install it? What should we pay attention to when installing? Let's get together!

LED installation required tools: LED display, signal cable, power cable, system control card (loaded in the computer), the system accepts card (loaded in the LED display), desktop computer Serial port), display and related accessories.

LED display installation steps

 1, first cut a good profile splicing, which is assembLED Recessed Spotlight LED display frame. Common non-square profile on the market, round, but the assembly method is the same.

 2, the LED display outside the frame assembly is completed, the unit board placed in the frame (note the front and back of the frame, the grooved side is positive), this time the location of the LED display backstrip installation is quite accurate, to avoid The wrong one and change all the trouble.

 3, LED display back strip is fixed, the frame away, the installation of magnets.

 4, fixed LED display unit board.

 5, connect the LED display cable, up and down the power cord.

 6, fixed LED display power and control card.

 7, LED display power supply and cell board wiring, pay attention to the positive and negative, it is recommended to use SVV2 ​​* 1.0 soft core, which is 1 square double strand soft core.

 8, LED display control card and cell board cable connection (especially important), please look carefully before connecting to understand, LED display is not fixed on the wall, this is the most crucial step, you can first test the screen through the test button to see whether the installation correct.

LED display installation should pay attention to the problem

 1, LED display installation must comply with the 'user manual' in the steps;

 2, LED display needs moisture, humidity requirements: maximum operating temperature, the LED display should be less than 92% relative humidity;

 3, LED display temperature should be appropriate, LED display temperature requirements: working environment temperature -20 ° C ≤ t ≤ 80 ° C, storage temperature -40 ° C ≤ t ≤ 60 ° C;

 4, pay attention to LED display power supply to meet the requirements.

 Now clearly know how to install the LED display more accurately, but pay attention to the safety of the installation!

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