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SUMBAO LED fixture, better choice for shop

天津尚品家具连锁机构魏春河总经理.jpgSUMBAO LED fixture, better choice for shop

From web-side, I Learned that SUMBAO Lighting exclusively focuses on furniture and clothing shop lighting, there are more than 60 well-known furniture and clothing company have chosen SUMBAO as their lighting supplier, and established long-team cooperation relations with several large furniture and clothing enterprises.
Working with SUMBAO lighting and you will find that their team can always come up with professional and practical advice. They are not only lighting fixture manufacturer but also lighting design expert. They have very strong R&D team to support clients with perfect lighting solution. Thats why I chose SUMBAO Lighting.  It turns out that my choice is very correct, their pre-sale, sale, after-sales service is in place, and products are comply with the CE standards, quality can be well-assured.
SUMBAO is not only just a great cooperator but a reliable friend. I’m looking forward to the next cooperation

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