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Brand Story

SPRINGFIELD is the European fast fashion brand, founded in 1988 in Europe in Spain, providing high-quality brand apparel. SPRINGFIELD has wide range of products, involving men, women's and accessories for young people.  SPRINGFIELD clothing and accessories is famous for its fashion design, simple, attractive leisure style and reasonable price.

Project implementation concept

The young symbol of health, youth, fashion the perfect fusion, to subvert the traditional clothing, more close to life, to cater to the pursuit of fashion, to meet the people on the movement, the pursuit of fashion and the nature, and the psychological needs, to create the fashion of the latest. SPRINGFIELD clothing store on the lamp is mainly considering the store decoration style the adjustable angle, LED track type lamp mainly reflects the overall simple, lively rhythm. Pay attention to lighting the contrast, fully embody the brand positioning, brand culture construction and emphasize the image display, have the perceptual impact on consumer cognition.

Designer Experience

The lighting design ingenious, can increase the value of the goods, strengthen customer the purchase intention, the visual effect of marketing to achieve the best condition. The use of lighting design to adjust clothing with the surrounding environment, the change of lightness, purity, sight of Guide to enhance the grasp of the store to enhance the affinity of the goods, the color has the emotion, with the penetrating power of the light color can move the hearts of people, choose the appropriate light to capture the customer's psychological changes, so as to obtain a sense of comfort.

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