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SPRINGFIELD European fast fashion apparel brand , founded in Spain in 1988 , for young people to provide high -quality brands. SPRINGFIELD rich category , involving men's, women's, accessories and other products. SPRINGFIELD brand of clothing and fashion accessories design , simple , casual .
Simple style , elegant costumes, reasonable price , compelling casual style , is bound much office ladies of all ages. Fashion and keen fashion consumers will come into contact with the latest fashion trends in this new brand .
Young symbol of health , the youth, the perfect fusion of fashion , to subvert the traditional clothing, closer to life , to meet the pursuit of fashion , to meet the people in sports , fashion and pursuit of natural , free and easy psychological needs , making it a popular latest fashion today highlights . SPRINGFIELD clothing stores right combination lamps mainly on account of the store decor , the choice of adjustable angle LED track spotlight mainly reflects the overall simple, crisp rhythm. Lighting focus on certain contrast , fully embodies the brand positioning , emphasizing the brand culture to create and image display, produce perceptual impact on consumer awareness .
Clever lighting design , can increase the value of goods, strengthen customer willingness to buy , so the effect of visual merchandising best. Lighting design using the relationship with the surrounding environment to adjust clothing , use change brightness, purity , and the sight line to guide and enhance the grasp of the store . Increase the affinity of goods, colors have an emotional , with penetration of light color more touching , select the appropriate lighting to capture the customer's psychological changes to get comfort.

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