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Hebei, according to Li-Lan is in Hebei by Li-Lan Furniture Co. was founded in 1987 , after 20 years of ups and downs , has become a leader in the Chinese furniture market . Products covered mattress , sofa, soft beds, furniture , solid wood furniture, European furniture, French furniture , living room furniture, dining room furniture , a total of 16 lines , more than 2000 kinds of furniture products. Market covers more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions , according to Li-Lan have 1500 products franchise stores, and provide consumers with the perfect service.
Hebei, according to Li-Lan Furniture Co. to "do the most respected century enterprise ," as a business purpose, "to build the quality of life for every family " as a corporate mission, " the first brand of social influence " as the corporate vision to " consumer satisfaction , employee satisfaction, partner satisfaction , satisfaction with the community , so that shareholder satisfaction ," the core business philosophy to promote the sustainable development of enterprises . For the furniture itself , using the light is irradiated in different directions , so that the furniture itself flexible up , particular attention is to treat this type of furniture , is extremely important to control the spot size , the furniture is too big or too small are easy to spot let products become mediocre . Rich nobility in diverse slowly emit light .
Wood is particularly demanding requirements for lighting . The lighting is bright and clean environment helps people grow up healthy. SUMBAO lighting design every reasonable calculation results that are determined by the DIALUX scientific computing software , while complying with the requirements of lighting design science always adhere to meet customer comfort in a light environment , adhere to the people-oriented design .

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