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Professional Lighting Design and Perfect Lighting Effect

内江本木家私总经理李武富.jpgProfessional Lighting Design and Perfect Lighting Effect

Neijiang wooden furniture has been 20 years of history, As an experienced high end furniture seller, we were aware of the importance of lightings to the furniture. But we didn’t pay much attention on this before. The lightings couldn’t true reflect the color and texture of our furniture which degraded our shop and image and affected the sales performance. These years, I have been noticing that the entire famous furniture giant like M&Z in Sichuan, TEBO FURNITURE, and SUNHOO are all using SUMBAO LED lightings. So I began to use SUMBAO Lighting , just as all the people in the same industry had said, SUMBAO is really professional enough, their lighting designers give me the right light in place for the furniture. At present, our company has deputizing the Guangdong famous brand A suite, suite jinfuli, Ouyi Bao, a software a forest, tea table, sofa and Sichuan opland most powerful wood furniture brands such as Sharon Dick. I will continue to replace the LED lamp's to SUMBAO Lighting fixture. To describe SUMBAO lighting in just two words: professional and perfect!

Wish you a prosperous business!

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