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Using the wrong light when starting your bussiness is the biggest trouble thing. Therefore, don’t be penny-wise and pound-fool.


LED Industry Problems


Even though the LED industry development is too fast, the national standards has not started to guild the market. So the quality of LED lighting fixtures products is uneven in the market.
There is a fierce competition in the LED industry. Many companies are under pressure to survive, hit the quality bottom line at a low price strategy to grab market;
LED industry is complex and diverse, if consumers have no professional knowledge or equipment can not identify the quality of products. And the quality problem will usually appear after one year or half
There are a lot of informal factories whose product quality cannot be guaranteed (no r&d technical team, production equipment, testing instruments and so on ).

                 SUMBAO Advantages

        Design team

                        Professional fixture

                        CE standards

                        quality of product

                        Lighting fixtures factory

                        First class level

                        Suitable color temperature

                        CCC certificates

                        Reliability and durability

Size and strength of the factory


Clean and clear light spot

 2 years warranty

Brand promotion

A natural transition at the end of the light spot

 Suitable beam angle

Right cutting angle of optical design

Why Choose Us


Based on 15168 stores cases from 130 furniture and clothing companies, we accumulated rich experiences in
store lighting, which will help our customer avoid detour.

          The design of all products are subject to store applications, which will be more suitable for your store.

As a manufacturer, from draft
drawing to finish goods assembly
and reliability test, all the key
processes are made in house to ensure
high and stable quality.OEM/ODM
service accepted.

            Set up 24hrs sales and service team for overseas market, no the time difference any more.

SUMBAO Factory


Producing Department


Reflow Soldring




 Intelligent machine, SMT production.


Digital Electric Parameter Measuring 


End Product, Aging Test.


Factory Gate


Production Assembly, Electrostatic 


LED Power Supply Test


SUMBAO Project




















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