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Poromen originated in the 1920s in Paris , is a post-modernist style outstanding representative in the decorating field. Poromen home design includes a large number of historic value , but do not adhere to the traditional way of logical thinking , advocating an urban upstart philosophy of life . Various whimsy elements of the perfect blend to achieve decorative ultimate effect , rendering the elegant interior space , art. After the space package also used the current style and product echoes , using exaggerated line shape, new construction methods and the use of the building and construct a spatial composition transparent , foil products , filling luxury.
Poromen household products in light -based, there is the economic foundation of personality young object of pursuit , emphasizing self-personality show , not in the form of bondage, to promote a philosophy of life of urban upstart . Poromen necessary to accurately convey the brand positioning and content, but also highlights the extreme characteristics of their products , SUMBAO lighting designer after careful reading of the modern style features, understand its spirit , the choice of color temperature close to natural light , both implicitly presents products side - elegant art , but also highlights its luxurious extravagance . Selection of high color rendering Citizen chip to ensure high-quality products using imported fabrics and color sense of texture rendering . Accent lighting designers with a way to make space chiaroscuro obviously , make the product appear on a space, perfect show product details , highlighting its chief dignities , full gas field . Poromen products have a certain lightness of space requirements , to meet the demand for the product illumination and brightness of space , the lighting designer and strictly control the density and arrangement of the single lamp power , to avoid too much light shines onto the glass ornaments and decorative pieces of metal produced glare, light damage to the environment. Poromen urban upstart advocate philosophy of life vividly in space atmosphere.
To create a stylish atmosphere of personalized luxury space , the brightness of the space has certain requirements , fashion personality space needs to rely on hierarchical space lighting to achieve; low color temperature of lighting is to create the best choice for upscale ambience . The high color rendering LED chip products perfect high-grade material , the lack of professional lighting design, high-end designer display space not render the original design concept.
SUMBAO lighting as a special service in the shop lighting leading brands to "change the light environment , creating new value " for the mission , to provide professional furniture shop lighting solutions for the domestic high-end home determined to build a world-class brand lighting effects.

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