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Pedro del Hierro

Pedro del Hierro is a famous senior clothing brand from Spain Pedro del Hierro rooted in Spain, the Spanish perfect tradition of high fashion designer Pedro del Hierro. The clothing is famous for bright color exquisite, elegant, deep and emotional female, each piece is kept constant in Spain the traditional, every piece is chic and elegant. Today, the Pedro del Hierro in the choice of materials and design are still convey the essence of the concept

Project implementation concept

The clothing store lighting can directly affect the atmosphere of the shop. Into a good lighting and dim lighting another shop will have different psychological feelings: the former is lively, relaxed; the latter depressed and feeling low. Properly store lighting can not only render the atmosphere of the shop, highlighting the goods, enhance the display effect, but also can improve the salesperson working environment, improve working efficiency.

Designer experience

Ideally, retailers want to boost sales and at the same time help reduce cost. Led lighting can achieve both expectations once for all. With high CRI and high efficiency enable consumers to see a more accurate color and appearance of a product, the color is more vivid and the products texture is more distinct. With better retail lighting environment, consumers are better able to distinguish varying shades of colors and appearance, and this has helped promote sales in retail stores.

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