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Pedro del Hierro
PDH is one of Spain's most prestigious designer Pedro del Hierro senior apparel brand founded by well-known . Factorial design and vibrant colors and a sense of well-known , has a unique Spanish style .
Pedro del Hierro rooted in Spain , the Spanish heritage perfect haute couture tradition. Speaking designer Pedro del Hierro will think of haute couture , which has also been reflected in the international market . He created works depicting as if refined, elegant , deep and sensual women , each piece is timeless tradition kept Spain, each piece is unique and elegant. Today , Pedro del Hierro in the choice of materials and design are still convey the essence of the concept.
Clothing store lighting can directly affect the store's atmosphere. Good lighting and walked into a dimly lit another shop there distinct psychological feelings : the former crisp , easy ; the latter repressed deep . Proper lighting store , the store can not only render the atmosphere , highlighting products, enhance display effect , the salesperson can also improve the working environment , improve labor efficiency.
Throughout the store , the lighting design is the finishing touch effect, it's like a palette , you can create a variety of different colors , like a weird bottle , can be formulated with different tastes , so clever lighting design, increase the value of commodities, strengthening the customer's willingness to buy , so the effect of visual merchandising best.
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